How To Get Your Child To Eat More Garlic With Homemade Garlic Syrup

When any of my little ones start coming down with a cold or any respiratory type illness, I know it’s not only time to pull out the echinacea root tincture, but it’s also time to increase the amount of garlic they’re eating. So what do I do? I immediately go to my kitchen and whip up some homemade garlic syrup!

Garlic is a food, but it’s also considered an herb. It has over 70 active ingredients and is used medicinally in many different ways. One of those ways is as an “herbal antibiotic” thanks to its antibacterial properties. It’s one of my must-have herbs. In fact, I think you’d be hard-pressed to find any self-proclaiming herbalist without some garlic in their home.

Now there’s no questioning garlic’s ability to help fight against infections which is why I like to use it anytime my kids or even my husband and I get any sort of respiratory illness. It’s so easy for respiratory illnesses to turn into respiratory infections like bronchitis or pneumonia, but by increasing our garlic intake we’re less likely to have that happen.

Increasing your garlic intake is pretty simple for the most part. Sure you can add more garlic to your food, but when it comes to kids, they may not like their food too much. Garlic is strong. It gives food a great flavor, but it can be over-done. Plus, you’d have to eat a good amount of it in order to benefit from its antibacterial properties as well. So yes… definitely increasing it in your meals is a good thing, but I also like to come up with ways to get my kids to eat more of it without having to hold them down and force it in their mouths.

Homemade garlic syrup has been a great option for us… especially since all my kids willingly take it and ask for it! Let me show you how to make it!

Homemade Garlic Syrup

Now whenever I make something like homemade garlic syrup, I only need a small amount so I’ve found that using a Magic Bullet is a great way to make small amounts of things over my Vita-Mix which is better for larger amounts of things. So I get it out, grab about 3 cloves of garlic and my honey.

Note*** You can use a different sweetener if you have a baby under 1 year of age. Maple syrup and food-grade glycerin work great.

Get Your Kids To Eat More Garlic With Homemade Garlic Syrup

The first thing you need to do is peel your garlic cloves. I put all my cloves together in a pile, put a small plate on top of them, and smash the plate with my fist. This smashes the garlic underneath and allows the peel to come right off. It works like a charm every time! Put your peeled cloves in your cup and cover it with honey. The amount of honey isn’t important just yet because you’ll adjust it to taste later.

It’s best to use the small cup and the cross blade option on the Magic Bullet because it will ensure that everything gets blended together better.

Get Your Kids To Eat More Garlic With Homemade Garlic Syrup

Now, all you need to do is blend your ingredients together. Blend, shake your cup a bit and blend again. You can keep doing it until all of your garlic is mixed with the honey. And besides, a few small chunks of garlic won’t hurt a thing.

Get Your Kids To Eat More Garlic With Homemade Garlic Syrup

The last step is to taste it and see if it’s sweet enough. If not, add more honey. You definitely want it to be sweeter than garlicky… which can be hot and burn a bit.

As I said, this works great for my kids when they’re sick because they don’t get many sweets during that time anyway, so this makes a nice treat for them… and their body!

I typically give them 1/2 tsp. every 2-3 hours. If that doesn’t seem to be cutting it, I up it to 1 tsp. every 2-3 hours. Also, this should be made in small batches every day so that your child is getting as many of the anti-bacterial properties as possible. Garlic loses its potency fairly quickly and after 24 hours isn’t as effective.

During an active infection, eating 3-4 cloves of garlic is recommended for adults, so it would be half that for children (1-2 cloves). Try to make sure they eat all this each day so that they’re getting an adequate amount of garlic in their systems to help fight those nasty germs!

Check out my YouTube video below where I explain more of the benefits of this preparation, show you how I make it, and share dosing info as well!

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Do you have any tips for getting your kids to eat more garlic? If so, share them in the comment section below, and as always, be sure to share this post via the social share buttons to the left!
  1. ioli says:

    hello, i really like your garlic suryp. What daily dosage do you offer to kids? How often?

    • Meagan says:

      I typically give them 1/2 tsp. every 2-3 hours. If that doesn’t seem to be cutting it, I up it to 1 tsp. every 2-3 hours.

      • Shawna says:

        Hey Meagan , I came across ur article today. I have 16 month old who had mucus in his nose since he was 4.5 months . I’ve took him to doctors and they all say the same thing. ” don’t worry he’s fine”. Which his not he have a hard time breathing cause he’s so stuffy. I don’t know what to do. Is it safe to give my 16 month old garlic and honey.

        • Meagan says:

          If your child is over a year old, it should be fine to give him garlic and honey, but I’d give it to him in small, frequent amounts. And, he’ll probably take it best with food.

          As far as mucous and babies go, that is common as their respiratory passages are so small… you tend to hear it more anytime they have extra mucous. And, babies tend to pick up colds more frequently as their immune systems are developing so that can be a reason for mucous as well. You may also want to look into environmental allergies as they can cause increased mucous production as well. Best of luck, Shawna, and thanks for the comment.

          • Joshua says:

            I don’t have honey and he coughs a lot at night, can I give him just garlic or heat it up with like tea?

          • Meagan Visser says:

            You definitely can. It may be tricky getting him to drink it, but that will work.

      • Jennifer says:

        Hey Meagan

        Thank you so much for this great tip..i have been wondering how to get raw garlic into my 7 years old daughter’s system.

        • Meagan Visser says:

          I’m so glad to hear you found it helpful!! I hope it serves you well over the years. I know it has in my family.

  2. becca says:

    Last time we started getting a cold, I juiced some garlic with some lemon and maybe apples/carrots. It definitely had a garlic aftertaste but we all didn’t mind it!
    Love this idea with the honey!

  3. annette farrar says:

    How much do you take a day?

    • Meagan says:

      I typically give them 1/2 tsp. every 2-3 hours. If that doesn’t seem to be cutting it, I up it to 1 tsp. every 2-3 hours.

  4. Jill's Home Remedies says:

    I have never made garlic syrup but will have to try it!

    • Meagan says:

      Oh Jill!!! You’ll love it. This is even the way I try to take more of it if I’m coming down with something!!

  5. Ashley says:

    Just a note: I read in The Healing Power of Garlic (great book) that after about 24 hours of being cut open, garlic looses most of its infection fighting properties. Best to make a fresh batch every day!

    • Meagan says:

      Great point Ashley and thanks for sharing. Yes, the allicin which is a plantchemical in garlic (and gives it it’s distinct smell) is what gives it it’s antibacterial properties… after about 10 minutes it looses tons of it’s action and is less effective. I’m sure after 24 hours there’s not much left at all… which is why I refrigerate mine and almost always make a new batch of this every day. I’ll add this to the post… thanks for reminding me!!

      • Lolita says:

        Hi Megan.
        I was wondering weather in the book you mentioned it was specified that the chemical compounds are lost even when submerged in honey alcochol, oil and glycerin? Or could it be that the author was talking about garlic being used in cooking and eaten perhaps several hours later?
        I am a herbal enthusiast and have read conflicting information regarding this. Also my gutt feeling says that garlic infused honey would get better as it sits. Can you elaborate? Thanks.

        • Meagan says:

          Hi, Lolita! Garlic is strongest when crushed and used fresh… as is the case with most herbs. Cooking and heat always destroy nutrients and the other chemicals in foods. I’m not sure on the exact amount of time it takes for the therapeutic properties to become inactive, though. My guess is that they wane slowly over time. As far as using garlic medicinally goes, most often it’s used fresh (like this syrup) or whole garlic cloves are preserved in honey so that the properties are still in the garlic. You can also extract and preserve garlic with alcohol and vinegar so you can use it that way too. No matter, you’d probably have to find some information out there where different garlic preparations have been tested to see which ones preserve the properties best. Sorry I can’t be of more help, but if you every come across more info on this, send it my way. I’d love to see it!

  6. Kimberly says:

    I’ve used odorless garlic gel caps for years (Spring Valley brand at Walmart) and swear by it. Now I’ll have to try this and tell everyone about it.

    • Meagan says:

      Humm… we’ll I’m glad they’ve worked for you Kimberly. I’m not a big fan of herbal capsules bought in stores because who knows how long they’ve sat there. I like making things fresh if possible… or at least taking dried herbs and grinding them into powder and using it quickly… especially garlic. The main plant chemical in garlic that helps with it’s antibacterial properties only stays active for a short while once it’s crushed so I’ve never understood how garlic capsules work. With that being said, I’m so glad to know you’ve had good results with them. It’s always an option, but this is a great, easy, tasty way to use it fresh! Hope you like it.

  7. Rose says:

    What about using the crushed garlic that comes in jars with water. Has that lost all the Antibacterial properties. I use that in about everything I cook as well as the powder.

    • Meagan says:

      I think that type of garlic is pretty much only good for flavoring foods… I definitely wouldn’t count on it for any medicinal properties if I were you. Fresh cloves will last a long time, and when you’re ready to use them as medicine, crush them and use them how you need.

  8. Jennifer says:

    Do you find consuming that much fresh garlic gives you a garlic body odor?

    • Meagan says:

      After you eat it your breath definitely smells like garlic, but it’s never been enough garlic to give any of us garlicy body odor. I think you have to eat like 5-6 full cloves a day or something close to that. Hope that answers your question Jennifer!!

  9. Sumy says:

    Hi Meagan,

    I have read in many sites that we need to mince or crush the cloves and then need to expose those to air for about 5 to 10 minutes. Only then, we will get the full potency of garlic. I am not sure how far this is true. But have you heard something like that?


    • Meagan says:

      Hi Sumy… great question. I’ve actually always heard that the potency of the garlic is the strongest during the first 10 minutes after you crush it so to use it during that time before those enzymes and other goodies start to oxidize and die from exposure to the air. Now… don’t write that in stone. It’s just what I’ve always gone by. I’ll have to look into it though. Do you have any links to those sites that I can check out? Everyone has their own way of doing things so I’m not saying I’m right and everyone else is wrong… I’ve just always believed that the fresher the better. Think about it like this… the medicinal powder of garlic is released once it’s crushed… which releases the juices and that potent garlic smell. If you crush a clove of garlic and smell it, it’s STRONG. After 10 minutes though… it’s not as strong smelling because it’s starting to die. Makes sense to me, but I’d still like to check other sources on that. Hope that helps, and let me know if you have any good references!!

      • Cherilynne says:

        Most times when you are advised to let it sit is for cooking. You are letting the garlic Mellow so it doesn’t overpower what you are putting it with. Super fresh for medicine, let it mellow for eating. Hope that helps.

  10. Charliene says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this! I’m trying to help my 5-year-old with a bladder infection tonight. When I have one of those, I down the cranberry juice and garlic pills. But I didn’t know if I should give her garlic, how much, or HOW. I did get her to take one pill, but I’m so much happier with your syrup recipe idea. I’ll probably even take it this way next time I need it and see how it goes. I’ll be making this first thing in the morning. THANK YOU!

  11. Terri Levine says:

    Hi!! Great tip with garlic and honey! Thanks!! Question here on the potency of the garlic after its’ being exposed to the air after ten minutes. hmmm… I’ve always minced/chopped all my garlic at one time (about 2-3 cups) and freeze it right away. When I need a some for whatever I would take as much as I need and return the rest back in the freezer. Saves me soo much time but wonder if the benefits are the same or has the potency been drastically reduced??

    • Meagan says:

      Great question Terri, and I love your tip. I actually think freezing would be a great way to preserve it as far as I know. I’ve never tried it. I think the consensus is that the majority of the properties are gone after those first 10 minutes of crushing it. Obviously not all of them because you can take garlic capsules and still benefit from them or get use out of previously made garlic oils and oxymels, but you probably have to take more of them for longer amounts of time. I definitely don’t think garlic is useless if it’s not used in the first 10 minutes, but if you’re gonna use it fresh… that time frame is best. Hope that answers your question sufficiently.

  12. Heidi says:

    Is your recommended dose the same for a 10mth old?

    Can you take this syrup each day, particularly leading up to and during winter as an immune booster?

    I have heard that garlic oil in the ear is good for ear infeactions, what do you think.


    • Meagan says:

      Hi Heidi… great questions you’re asking here. Let me answer them one by one.

      Is your recommended dose the same for a 10 mo. old? – First of all, let me say again that a 10 month old should not be taking this because it contains honey, but instead use maple syrup or glycerin. Then you could always start your baby out on 1/4 tsp. and work your way up from there. The key is consistent use and fresh garlic since it’s the strongest then.

      Can you take this each day as an immune booster? – Yes, garlic is fine to eat on a daily basis, and it does act as an immune booster. It’s thought to double the activity of of white blood cells in the bloodstream.

      What do I think about garlic oil for ear infections? – It’s a great option and it usually works… if the oil is made correctly. Here again, fresh oil is best. You can buy natural oils in the store for this, but they’re not fresh so I personally wouldn’t waste my money on it. I’ll be sharing 2 posts soon about this very topic as well as on how to make an herbal ear infection oil. They’re coming up in February so keep an eye out!

      Hope this answers your questions! Thanks for your comment!

  13. Edyta says:

    Hi my 4 years old just had a flu and the garlic syrup helped her a lot. Thank you. I have a question how much cloves a day I could give her to protect her immune system before flu season starts. The same question about adults. Thank you for amazing remedies.

    • Meagan says:

      Well garlic does have antiviral properties, but I don’t use it by itself when trying to PREVENT colds and flus since they’re viruses. What I do is make a big batch of elderberry syrup (the recipe is coming to the blog in a couple weeks – stay tuned) and give that every day as it’s antiviral and works really well. I do use garlic too, but what I do is that I simply increase it in our foods. Since cool weather is approaching, the amount of cooked, warm foods in our diet increases which is perfect for using herbs like garlic, ginger, thyme, and many other kitchen spices that have immune boosting, antiviral, and antibacterial properties. HTH!

  14. Kayla says:

    Hello! I was wondering if you have any advice on giving this to a 4yr old with sensory issues. He has sensory issues with foods, texture, or just plain visual so this makes trying new things or especially giving medicine. I’ve tried smoothies but with the visual texture thing, he wont do it.

    • Meagan says:

      Wow! Honestly I’ve never dealt with that, but my best advice would be to add as much garlic to the foods he will eat. Other than that, a garlic salve rubbed on his chest, back, feet, and neck is the next best thing. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help Kayla!

      • Kayla says:

        Thank you! I can do a garlic salve easy! I’ll be upping the garlic in our foods too. I can get him to take Elderberry & FCLO via Popsicle but garlic doesn’t sound like a good Popsicle flavor :/

  15. Regina says:

    Does giving this much garlic to kids or husband or yourself upset your stomach and cause intestinal distress, i.e. diarrhea?

    • Meagan says:

      The dosages mentioned in the post don’t bother us. When I first start giving it to the kids, I ask them if their belly hurts or burns about 15-20 minutes after they take it. Usually not. If it were too, I’d give them the garlic syrup with meals or add more honey to it so it wouldn’t sit on an empty stomach or be too strong. HTH!

  16. Melissa says:

    Hi there,

    I eat raw garlic often and thought this recipe sounded great for my lil boys to take. Alas, even after sweetening it with honey they still say bleh!
    Could I put some cocoa powder in it like you use for cough syrup to mask the garlic even more? If not, any other ideas of masking the taste or mixing it with?


    • Meagan says:

      Humm, you could definitely try to cocoa powder, but my guess is that they don’t like the spicy taste. Maybe cocoa powder and some nut butter along with the garlic syrup. Another thing you could try would be to make a tasty mint or ginger tea and sweetening it with the garlic syrup. That may help them take it too. Hope this helps Melissa.

  17. Elizabeth says:

    We can not have a lot of honey as we have blood sugar problems in our family. So, we crush the garlic fresh and spread it on toast or bread. The children love it. If we are out of bread or they can not have it for some reason we use noodles and add the garlic fresh.

  18. Oppong says:

    Hi Meagan please can garlic syrup help my 3months baby to eat well,or do you have an idea that can help baby under 1year eat good.

    • Meagan says:

      I would not give a 3 month old this syrup. First of all, garlic is most likely too strong for them and infants are not to eat honey. As far as getting baby to eat well, I’d offer to feed them anytime they show signs of hunger, check for lip and tongue ties as well, and if you’re still having problems, I’d seek help from a practitioner of some sort. Hope that helps!

  19. Crystal says:

    Meagan, you’ve saved my life! My toddler is suffering from a UTI, and I couldn’t figure out how I was going to get garlic down her! Thank you!!! Xoxo

  20. Romaida says:

    Hi, I’ve read you can put whole cloves of garlic in honey and let it sit in room temperature for awhile to “ferment”. What do you think of this?

    • Meagan says:

      I’ve not heard of that Romaida, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be done. From my understanding, garlic needs to be bruised in order for the chemical (allicin) to be released. Once it’s released (when you smell the garlic smell) you should let it sit for 10 minutes before taking it so that the chemical is “active” at that point. Now this is just what I’ve always heard is best when using garlic. It doesn’t mean that other methods won’t work.

  21. ramona says:

    I don’t have the magic bullet so I used a Mortar and Pestle to crush the garlic to liquid. I added the honey to it and stirred it with a spoon. I gave my son a half teaspoon but then he threw up a little. Am I giving him too much, or is the consistency not good? Should I keep giving it to him with hope that some of the garlic will stay in or should I stop giving it? Thanks!

    • Meagan says:

      This is one of those recipes that’s unique to each individual. My kids do fine with it, but they like it a bit sweeter whereas I can take it a bit stronger or garlicky. Taste it yourself. Is it too strong or spicy? Ask your kid if it’s “hot.” If it’s too strong, add more honey. You can even add this to some water and have him drink it. You can put it on a piece of bread with some butter and have him eat it. Garlic is a great herb to discourage bacteria (among many other things) so if you can find a way for him to take it, it can be very beneficial. Hope this helps you Ramona!

  22. Charity says:

    I can’t get my kids to take this without a fight or bribing them they run and hide. I really want to help them and them get well and I know the wonderful benefits of garlic. Any advice?

    • Meagan says:

      I totally understand Charity. My kids have to have a lot of honey with a little garlic in theirs, but some kids still don’t like it. Another thing you can do is to make an oxymel from it. Simply blend your garlic with a small amount of vinegar and a larger amount of honey. Throw in some other yummier herbs like ginger or fennel and that can improve the taste for them. If they still don’t like it, you can add more garlic to your foods while supplementing with other herbs that can help prevent an infection from setting in. Garlic is just one option, but when it comes to kids… taste matters! Hope that helps!

  23. Jen says:

    Thank you for this. I made it for my 6 month old baby and pureed it with Manuka honey and breastmilk. I’m not sure if I made it too strong or gave too much as he was burping garlic the rest of the night, but hey it seemed to heal the respiratory infection symptoms that were starting.
    Thank you!

    • Meagan says:

      Yeah… a lot of times you’ll smell like garlic after taking several doses of this. I’ve heard it said by other herbalists that when you start smelling like garlic, you’ve reached a therapeutic level of it! LOL!

  24. Jen says:

    Hi Megan,

    Love your site! I am wondering if A) can I use Manuka honey instead of just regular honey and B) is it safe to give to my 6.5 month old? Or should I use some other sweetener while he’s so little?
    My baby was prem. after a horrific 134 days in the NICU and countless doses of antibiotics I’m eager to give him something else to help his body….. so even though he’s 6.5 months old he’s only 7.2 pounds. (newborn size) what dosage do you recommend to give him?

    • Meagan says:

      Hi, Jen. Using honey is not recommended for children under 1 so it would be better to make this with maple syrup or glycerine and give it to baby that way. I’d actually make it really mild as garlic can be a bit strong for a little one this size. I’d only use 1/2 a clove for his size and give him small doses (1/4 teaspoon) every 2 hours or so starting out. If you’re wanting to help prevent illness, it may be more effective to use elderberry syrup (with something other than honey for the sweetener) for prevention and save the garlic if he does come down with something.

      • Jen says:

        Thank you for that. Would you recommend smashing a fresh clove with a butchers knife and then soaking that crushed clove in some warm water and give him the water to drink?
        My bub still has an NG tube to help him with some of his needs, so he can’t taste what I give him and complain. Thank you I’ll check out the elderberry mixture too.

        • Meagan says:

          That would work, but it would be better to make sure it’s diluted well so it doesn’t upset his stomach. Too much garlic can cause nausea and vomiting. It would be better to give a more diluted garlic water more often during the day than a stronger amount less often. Does that make sense? Also, I would HIGHLY recommend you double-checking with his doctor about it before giving it to him in case there are any reasons he shouldn’t have it. Do some more research on the benefits of using garlic for health so you can present that to the doctor as well.

  25. Jenny says:

    Hi Megan do you recommend this for urinary tract infections?

    • Meagan says:

      I use this more for upper respiratory tract infections or sinus issues. For UTIs, if it were me, I would go with the recipe in this post (you’ll have to click through to get to the actual post) as well as increase the amount of cranberry juice I was drinking. I’d look into d-mannose as well. I’ve have friends who swear by it with UTIs.

      • Jenny says:

        Thank you I tried the garlic honey syrup and gave some to my daughter I believe it helped her with her UTI she has had them often for the past 3 yrs and the doctors always prescribe antibiotics and I am looking for a solution =( I just read the urinary tract infection post you shared and will try the tincture I just wonder if it’s safe for my daughter she is 8 yrs old this October. Thank you for sharing this it’s greatly appreciated!

  26. Christina says:

    Hi Meagan, I found your blog as I am trying to get more garlic in my kids because we are dealing with pinworms. What kind of dose would you recommend for a 9 year old and 4 year old for when dealing with a parasites? I tried making the syrup, but did not use a magic bullet, the ratios were not right. About how much honey do you use? Thanks for your help.

    • Meagan says:

      From my understanding, Christina, you need a good bit of garlic for quite a while to help with pinworms. Garlic and black walnut are the typical pinworm herbs for kids, but there are many others that are known to encourage the body to rid itself of worms. The garlic syrup is a great way to get it down in larger amounts. As far as ratios go, I simply take the amount of garlic recommended and then add as much honey as needed to help it taste okay to my kids. You can also simply chop the garlic and mix that with the honey rather than blending them together. That can cut down on the garlic taste. Where pinworms are concerned, Dr. Aviva Romm recommends 6 raw cloves a day for older children (I’d cut that in half for younger ones). You can sprinkle small amounts of it on their food (after the food is cooked as you want the garlic raw) or you can use that amount in the garlic syrup/honey and spread the amount out throughout the day. Remember, too much garlic can hurt their tummies so give it to them with food. I’ve even heard of people using garlic suppositories on kids with pinworms. As far as black walnut goes, she recommends a black walnut glycerine tincture and giving them 10-20 drops 2-3 times a day. She doesn’t say how long to use these, but my guess is that you use them frequently until symptoms are gone and then you continue (with maybe half the dosage) daily for 2 weeks afterwards to minimize reinfestation. Hope that helps, and best of luck mama!

  27. Ashley says:

    For a slightly older child ( my 5 yo) i minced some garlic small and put on a spoon with some honey and then had him take a drink from a straw and had him swallow like a pill. Might need to start on small quantities like what would fit on a baby spoon. I also showed him myself first. My 2yo cant not chew it so doesnt like it that way but will take garlic lightly blanched with some carrots. I know its not raw but she will eat several spoonfuls at a time so i consider that a success

  28. sam says:

    When to give before or after meals or antime

  29. sam says:

    I giv my kid everyday after meals grated garlic with honey during winter season.1 clove per day. Is it ok to giv everyday ?
    Helps with cold nd cough.one tip to share- to get rid of garlic smell eat coriander leaves after eating garlic or mix in garlic honey and eat

    • Meagan says:

      Yes, Sam. Garlic can be eaten daily. Sometimes it can irritate the stomach if too much is eaten, but if your kiddo is handling it just fine then there should be no problems.

  30. sam says:

    Can we use buckwheat honey .i heard its effective in coughs

  31. Marsha says:

    Hi there I’ve read if you drink garlic like with apple cider vinegar you don’t havr any taste or odour after…is this true …only when chewing it leaves an odor? ? Thx

    • Meagan says:

      I’m pretty sure you’ll have a garlic odor and taste any time you crush or chop it. The apple cider vinegar may mask it some, but I’d think you’d still taste and smell it.

  32. sam says:

    Can elderberry syrup be given with garlic buckwheat honey at different times on the same day in case of cold and cough

    • Meagan says:

      It can, but you want to be mindful of how much sugar you’re consuming as too much can slow your immune system’s response, prolonging your cold. Some options would be to cut each dose of elderberry syrup and garlic buckwheat honey in half each time you take it, you could always make a new batch of elderberry syrup with garlic and buckwheat honey added to it, or you could use the garlic buckwheat honey as normal and make your elderberry syrup with glycerine instead of honey to minimize the sugar content. It’s totally up to you. Both remedies are great, and they both work in different ways. Personally, I use elderberry syrup heavily for its antiviral properties, and I use garlic honey heavily for its antibacterial properties (and only when I’m concerned about a cold leading to a possible bacterial infection). Hope that helps!

  33. SHANNON says:

    I love this idea of the garlic syrup. My son(3) is a tick magnet and I read garlic helps keep them away. We are trying to find a way to increase his intake. Do you have a recommendation for a daily maintenance dose?

    • Meagan says:

      Great question, Shannon. Unfortunately, I’m not sure I have a good answer for you. I’m not familiar with using garlic to keep ticks off, but it does make sense as garlic is a popular natural insect repellant for organic gardens. However, I’ve never heard of anyone eating it to try to keep ticks off. I’m thinking you’d have to eat a lot of it for the scent to come through, and I don’t have a dosage for that. Maybe ask around wherever you came across that information. I personally use essential oils to keep the ticks off, and you can find more info on that here.

  34. Nicole says:

    I make a “salsa” that is very garlic heavy (basically 1 large tomato & 3-5 cloves of garlic – all finely minced) and serve it with corn tortilla chips. All nieces and nephews gobble it right up, though they’re already garlic lovers thanks to my husband’s Italian upbringing.

    • Meagan Visser says:

      Sounds delicious. I love to make pico de galo with lots of garlic! It’s one of my favorite snacks!

  35. Jessica says:

    What about fermented garlic? Do you think it retains the necessary qualities?? My kids will eat whole cloves of it because it loses its heat…

    • Meagan Visser says:

      I’m not sure, Jessica, but I know that fermented veggies are healthy for the gut. I imagine the garlic would retain some of its antimicrobial benefits, but I’m not certain.

  36. Alfred Alder says:

    My recipe is a little different. At 79 yrs old I have had shoulder pain and pain in my right hand. I received this recipe from a friend, tried it and within 5 days pain is all gone! Started using this recipe 2 years ago.

    8 cloves of Garlic. (peeled and cut into tiny pieces)
    1 cup Apple Cider Vinegar
    1 cup Clover Honey
    Put in a blender and Puree 45 seconds
    wait 10 sec and puree 10 sec (twice)
    pour into a quart glass jar and let it
    rest in the fridge for 5 days, stirring at lease once a day
    to reduce the foam.
    Then take 3 tbl spoons in a glass with 12 to 16 oz of pure water every morning on a empty stomach . IT WORKS FOLKS!

  37. Anonymous says:


  38. Ananya says:

    Hi Meagan, i loved your article. Can I use this recipe to my 6.5 years old son , while antibiotics are going on for recurring ear infection. He has been suffering from various viral diseases for last 2 years. And he is undergoing antibiotics treatments and sometimes steroid inhalers for his allergic rhinitis. Please suggest. I can’t bear his pain anymore

    • Meagan Visser says:

      You can definitely use garlic while giving antibiotics. I’ve never read that they interfere with each other in any way. Good luck, mama! Also, maybe do some research on dietary changes you can make to see if that can help cut down on the recurring ear infections. You may have already done that, but I know dairy can be a factor.

  39. Courtney says:

    Hello! Once I make the batch, do I let it sit at room temperature or store in the fridge?

    Thank you!!

    • Meagan Visser says:

      I let mine sit at room temperature if it’s going to be used quickly. If not, I’ll store it in the fridge.

  40. Renee says:

    if you let it sit mixed together in a jar (lid closed) the garlic actually ferments and doesn’t lose it’s potency. most actually suggest you let it sit for a couple days prior to use it make it MORE effective. it can also be stored at room temp for months in that manner so having it on hand when you need it. thanks for the article though, interesting reads, glad to have found your page in this search.

    • Meagan Visser says:

      Yes, fermented honey is great! I need to try it with garlic and make a good-sized batch sometime soon. Thanks for your comment!

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