How To Start Using Herbs

So you’d like to start using herbs, eh? I don’t blame you. Herbs are wonderful!

Not only are they created by God for us to use to keep our bodies healthy, but they also help our bodies heal when sickness comes our way.

Below you’ll find links to my “How To Start Using Herbs” blog series where I share in-depth information that you’ll need to know to get started using herbs in your daily life as well as herbal sources that I’ve personally used over the years in my own herbal education. Hopefully, these will help get you started on your journey to using herbs as it has me. 

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How To Source Quality Herbs | GrowingUpHerbal.com |Learn how to chose the best herbs for what you need. How To Grow Your Own Herbs | Growing Up Herbal | Learn to grow herbs in your own herb garden!

Wildcrafting & Preserving Herbs | GrowingUpHerbal.com | Learn how to forage and preserve your own herbs from the wild. How To Store Herbs | Growing Up Herbal | In order for herbs to work they must be stored properly. Learn how what that means here.

Understanding Herbal Safety | GrowingUpHerbal.com | Curious about the safety of using herbs for your family? Here are some answers. Determining Herbal Dosages | GrowingUpHerbal.com | Learn about herbal dosing practices so your feel confident using herbs.

Herbal Tools of the Trade | Growing Up Herbal | A list of tools you may need to work with herbs. Using Herbs: Herbal Teas, Infusions, and Decoctions | Growing Up Herbal | Learn difference in herbal teas, infusions, and decoctions as well as how to make each one.

Using Herbs: Herbal Washes, Compresses, and Fomentations | Growing Up Herbal | Learn the many ways to use herbal washes as well as the difference in a compress and fomentation, and how to make each one. Using Herbs: Herbal Poultices, Powders, and Electuaries | Growing Up Herbal | Learn how to make and use herbal poultices, powders, and electuaries in today's Using Herbs lesson!

Using Herbs: Herbal Infused Oils and Liniments | Growing Up Herbal | Herbal infused oils and liniments are two easy to make preparations that have lots of great uses! Using Herbs: Herbal Salves and Creams | Growing Up Herbal | Learn how to make herbal salves and creams as well as how to use them in this Using Herbs post!

Using Herbs: Herbal Tinctures, Glycerites, And Vinegars | Growing Up Herbal | Learn all about herbal tinctures, glycerites, and vinegars in today's How To Start Using Herbs post! Using Herbs: Herbal Syrups, Honeys, & Oxymels | Growing Up Herbal | Today I'm talking about the sweeter tasting herbal preparations. How to make and use them, and so much more!

Where To Learn More About Herbs

There are a lot of websites and blogs out there that you can read to learn about herbs. Below are some of the ones that I have used and learned a great deal from.

The Herbal Academy

The Herbal Academy (HA) is an online herbal school that offers an introductory herbal program and an intermediate herbal program. Their programs are thorough, detailed, and laid out in a way that is organized and easy to understand. I stressed about herbal schools for a long time when I first started learning, but as soon as I came across HA, I knew it was perfect for me!

This school is great if you’re brand new to herbs or if you’ve been learning and using herbs for quite a while now. The folks behind HA are passing along herbal education from top-notch herbalists and medical experts, and these programs contain a great mix of historical, folk, and scientific information.

Herb Mentor

Herb Mentor is a membership site that offers TONS of information on herbs. You can find free and paid herbal courses, interviews with herbalists, informational posts centered around herbs and health topics, resources to herbal blogs and herb schools, a discussion board where you can talk herbs and healthy living, and so much more. I’ve been a member of this site for a while now, and I LOVE it. It’s an herbal education all in itself.

11 thoughts on “How To Start Using Herbs”

    1. Thanks Jacquie! I’m sure you’ll love it over at HANE. It’s so fun to use herbs and learn to make fun things with them!

  1. Hi Meagan, I’m fresh and new to this herb business and I just really want to dive in for general use like relaxation and medicine. What are some of the essential herbs I need to grow? And where do I begin? I feel so overwhelmed with all the things I can do with herbs!

    1. If you’re brand new to using herbs, I would suggest buying herbs that are dried before trying to grow your own. Growing herbs is such a long process, and once they’re ready to harvest you have to learn how to prepare and store them. I wouldn’t go there at this point. I’d start with buying them and having them ready to use right away. That’s much easier. So what I did was I chose something basic and healthy that I could use daily at first. I think I got herbs for a relaxing tea at night as well as herbs to use as a daily tonic… just something really good and healthy for my body. I would suggest getting 3 of the herbs from this post on making a relaxing tea and trying those out to see how they work for you. You can use that tea at night or during stressful times in life. I’d also suggest getting the herbs for this multi-vitamin infusion as you can drink that add during the day or you can make it into a glycerite and take it a few times each day if you don’t want to drink a tea. I hope that gives you a great starting place!

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