January Book Club Selection: Real Food Nutrition For Kids

January Book Club: Real Food Nutrition For Kids | Growing Up Herbal | Making the switch to real food can be a challenge, especially when getting kids on board. Learn how to help them understand and want to eat real food with this month's book club book!

So to start 2015 off in style, I’m announcing a new feature here on Growing Up Herbal this year… a monthly book club, and it’s starting right NOW!

Now I know what you might be thinking. “I’m so busy! I can’t possible read a book on top of everything else I have going on!”

Mama, I totally hear you, but the thing is… if you wanna learn how to live the healthy life and raise those babies naturally, you’re gonna have to read and learn the info before you can put it into practice. Reading books, although I will admit isn’t as often as I’d like around here, is one of the best ways to gather focused information about a certain topic and really delve deep into learning it.

Now before I get to this month’s book, let me tell you some things about the book club.

First off… the monthly books are gonna be easy to access. They will all be an e-book of some sort so that you can get access to it right away, and each book will have to do with some aspect of living healthy, natural lives. Most of the books are broken down fairly well and aren’t too long or complicated. Perfect for us busy moms, right!

Secondly… I’m going to be reading these books along with you so if you struggle to find time to sit down and read a book, join the club because most of us are in the same boat.

Lastly, my friend and book club leader, Shannon, will be here on the last Friday of every month to share her review of the book right here on the blog. She’s gonna talk about how it helped her, big lessons learned, how she’s planning to use the info from the book, and so much more. After that, the conversation surrounding the book will move to the comment section because I wanna share what I got from it as well as hear what your thoughts were too.

Sound good? Awesome!

So that brings me to this month’s book.

Real Food Nutrition For Kids by Kristin Michealis @ Food Renegade

January Book Club Selection: Real Food Nutrition For Kids | GrowingUpHerbal.com | Do you struggle with getting your kids on board when it comes to healthy eating? If so, then this book may be the answer to your problem!

I can’t tell you how many emails I get from mamas dealing with picky kids. Kids that won’t try new things or kids that would rather eat foods that, in their mind, taste better, but are less healthy. All these good-hearted mamas want is to get their kids on board with eating healthy food!

That’s where this book comes it. It’s here to help us struggling mamas.

I came across Kristin’s book a long time ago, and it piqued my interest. Back then, my kids were smaller, and they weren’t quite as picky (they’re getting worse the older they get).

Recently, when searching for books to review, I came across it again. I sent Shannon over to check it out, and she agreed it was something she too would like to try out with her kids.

You see, in this book, Kristin isn’t talking to mamas. Nope, she’s talking to kids. That’s right… this book is for your KIDS.

There are 15 lessons, each devoted to a particular topic, that walk your kids through healthy, real food nutrition in a fun way. Not only are most lessons short, but they include fun activities for kids as well such as copywork, word searches, matching, charting, crossword puzzles, and coloring pages… perfect for elementary age children (and in my opinion, older kids as well).

Seeing as how I homeschool my kids, this book will fit in perfectly in our school day. It will be a month-long mini nutrition class. Even if your kids aren’t homeschooled, it’s a great way to teach them why you feed them healthy food and to encourage them to make healthy food choices themselves. Plus, the lessons are short and they can be done any time after school or on the weekends if you’d like.

Okay, so I hope you will join Shannon and I in reading and working through Real Food Nutrition For Kids this month!

CLICK HERE to get your copy and get started today!

If you have more questions about it, simply click the above link to see the sales page for the book as it answers even more questions about it than I did here.

See you on January 30th for the review!! (CLICK HERE to read the review for this book!)

xo, Meagan

  1. Kelsee Blin says:

    Meagan, Thanks for the well written article, it was inspiring and powerful.

  2. Kelli says:

    Hi- I really want this book! However, I cannot stand e-books. Any chance this will be available in a hard/paperback??

    • Meagan says:

      I don’t think she offers it in paperback because of all the printables in it. I printed mine out to make it easier to use. For each lesson there’s 1-2 pages of the actual lesson you go over with your kids followed by 2-3 worksheet pages for them. And, you can totally print it in black and white to save on color!

  3. Jennifer Hernandez says:

    Was wondering if it was to late to join in.

    • Meagan says:

      We’ve already finished this book Jennifer and are finishing up the second one this week. We’ll be starting a new one in March so stay tuned for that; however, you are more than welcome to get this book, read it, and leave your comments on it when you’re finished! Shannon and I would love to have you join in on any of the books with us though!

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