Celebration Sips: A Summer Mocktail with a Cocktail Twist

Whether you’re celebrating the upcoming 4th of July holiday or gathering with friends and family for a summer get-together, beautiful drinks can take a summer party to the next level! Today, I’m sharing a recipe for a summer mocktail that can easily be upgraded to a cocktail if you wish. You can go all patriotic with it by sticking with red, white, and blue colors, or you can get your beachy vibes on by upgrading to something with more vibrant colors.

This summer mocktail is best enjoyed in fancy glasses, even if it’s served sans booze. Not only will it make your festivities feel more special, but it will make you feel more special too! Take it up a notch or two by adding in some fresh herbs. They’re not only amazing for your body, but they’ll make your glass prettier as well!

Happy 4th of July to my fellow Americans! I hope y’all enjoy this summer mocktail (or cocktail) recipe from my kitchen to yours!

Celebration Summer Mocktail (Cocktail)

Yields 4 6-ounce glasses

patriotic summer mocktail with mint leaves


  • 18-ounces of sparkling water
  • 6-ounces juice or homemade syrup of your choice (use gin or other clear alcohol for cocktails)
  • 1/2 cup of fresh fruit
  • Herbs for garnish


  1. Begin by combining your sparkling water and juice (or homemade syrup) together. Stir gently to thoroughly combine, especially if you are adding syrup to your sparkling water.
  2. Next, chop your fresh fruit into small chunks and add it to the mix. You can even crush the fruit if you’d like the flavors to be stronger. For the 4th of July, I like to go with mixed berries in patriotic colors, such as raspberries, blackberries, strawberries, and blueberries. However, if you want more of a beachy vibe to your summer mocktail, swap those out for chopped pineapple, mango, and tangerine for a tropical twist.
  3. Chill the mixture in the refrigerator for 2-3 hours to make sure it’s nice and cold.
  4. When you’re ready to serve it to your guests, pour the liquid evenly into each glass. Also, make sure each glass has the same amount of fruit! You may need to use a spoon to even things out.
  5. Now comes the fun part. Grab some fresh herbs from your patio or potager that complements your fruit flavors, and add a small amount to each glass. Muddle them gently in a mortar for an enhanced flavor. Mint is lovely with berries. Thinly sliced ginger root will make tropical flavors pop. Fresh thyme will help your peach-flavored drinks rise above the rest.
patriotic summer mocktail up close


I personally like to skip the sparkling water and juice and simply use 24-ounces of flavored homemade water kefir in my summer mocktails. Not only does it give it a little something extra special for your guests, but it’s really great for your gut health too. If you’re going for a full-on cocktail, I substitute the homemade water kefir for the sparkling water and add the gin to it. It’s delicious — just ask my husband!

summer mocktail drink sitting on stone wall

So there you have it, friends! A beautiful, delicious summer mocktail (or cocktail) for all your celebration needs!

Enjoy, and here’s to making summer memorable.

Love and light,

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