Seasonal Herbalism Community: May 2021 Recap

You guys! I have another Seasonal Herbalism Community recap and preview for you today. If you’ve heard me talk about this herbal membership and wanted to know more, here’s your chance. We’ve just transitioned into summer content, and I must say, it’s SO good!

You can check out what we covered inside my inner herbal circle in May and get a preview of what to expect during June below. And if you haven’t joined me over there yet, you can do that right here! The more, the merrier!

Seasonal Herbalism Community: May Recap

This past month, we covered the following topics.

  • I shared May’s free desktop calendar and mobile quote wallpaper downloads to give your phone and computer a seasonal lift.
  • We starting reading the Aromatics section of The Wild Medicine Solution, exploring why aromatics are an important group of herbs to know about and use! We also changed the book club chats from live events to more of a Q&A, quiz type format so all members can participate when their schedule allows.
  • The first of the quarterly herb walk videos were released about foraging for cleavers as well as an additional update video when cleavers began to flower.
  • I shared a photo tutorial on how to make DIY fresh flower garlands to decorate your home or yard for summer gatherings.
  • I answering some herbal questions in a new June Q&A audio about dealing with herbal overwhelm, natural suggestions for growing pains in children, and flower essence basics.
  • And lastly, I’ll be shared a lovely herb walk-through video tutorial this month about making buttercup flower essence (or any flower essence for that matter). Check out the trailer for that video right here on Instagram!

If you’d like to learn more about why I created this community for botanically-minded folks, I share all about that here.

If you’d like to have access to all of the above content, as well as past and upcoming content, you can learn more about the Seasonal Herbalism Community below.

June Preview

Now if you’d like to get a wee preview of some things we’ll be talking about in June as we embrace the season of summer, you can find that below.

  • You will find June’s free desktop calendar and mobile quote wallpaper downloads available.
  • You’ll find the new book club reading assignment for the summer season. We’ll be diving deeper into the Aromatics section of The Wild Medicine Solution and exploring HOW aromatic herbs work in the body!
  • Discounts are available to patrons for my Art of Simpling course!
  • There will be two new articles out this month. One on Flower Essences 101 all about how energetic therapies like flower essences work and another featuring a summer herbal cocktail (or mocktail) recipe to try.
  • I will be answering some more herbal questions in a new June Q&A audio!
  • Summer Solstice herbal surprise boxes will be shipping, and leftover products will be available in the Shop until they’re sold out.
  • And lastly, I’ll be sharing an herb walk-through recipe video this month about making a cooling conifer massage oil, a perfect recipe to keep in your summer and autumn apothecary, that includes various ways to use this one preparation over the coming months.

Is my Seasonal Herbalism Community Membership for You?

What does it look like to embrace seasonal herbalism? 

Well, let me tell you.

It means being mindful of the cycles of nature, allowing yourself to ebb and flow with the rhythms of the world around you, and letting the seasons guide you in your life and your practice of herbalism. 

  • This may look like foraging for herbs that are in season in your local area, studying those plants, and using them for you and your family’s wellness needs. 
  • It may mean honing in on a specific topic in herbalism you would like to learn more about for a set period of time.  
  • It looks like filling your home apothecary with seasonally-appropriate remedies formulated specifically to your needs.
  • It means paying attention to the cycles and rhythms of your own body and using plants that bring balance and wellness in the midst of these cycles.

Gone are the days of trying to do it all but not knowing where to begin or how to do it!

Instead, say hello to a slow, purposeful lifestyle that will help you feel more connected, not only with the plants that nourish and keep you well, but with the seasonal rhythms of nature, and ultimately, with yourself as well.

If you…

  • Long to live in sync with the cycles and rhythms of nature…
  • Feel drawn toward slow, simple living…
  • Plant medicine calls to you…
  • Feel grounded in the Old Ways…
  • See yourself gathering and growing botanicals…
  • Envision your home filled with dried herbs and plant preparations…
  • Feel giddy getting nerdy over plant and nature studies…
  • Are looking for a community of like-minded plant folks to join…
  • Want to feel mentored in your herbal practice on an ongoing basis…

… then my inner herbal circle is for you!

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