Promote Healthy Gut Flora With This Prebiotic Herbal Electuary

Curious about how to nourish your gut and keep your digestive system healthy? Well, a prebiotic herbal electuary will help for starters.

Not only does incorporating food-like herbs into your diet help to support a healthy gut, but other types of herbal preparations, such as herbal bitters, can help support gut health as well. Add in eating a healthy real food diet and daily probiotics when needed, and you’ve got a good recipe for a healthy gut!

While most of us are familiar with probiotic foods and supplements, preboitics are a newer, but very important, thing to take into consideration when it comes to supporting overall gut health and proper function.

CLICK HERE to find out what prebiotics are, how they help the digestive system, what foods and herbs they’re in, and to make an easy prebiotic herbal electuary to support your gut health year round!

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