How To Boost Your Milk Supply With This Simple Herbal Blend

How To Boost Your Milk Supply With This Simple Herbal Blend | Growing Up Herbal | If you're a nursing mama and looking for a natural way to boost your milk supply, this herbal blend may be just the thing to help you and your milk supply.

Mama… if you’re struggling with your milk supply, you’ve got to check out this great herbal blend from Bulk Herb Store!

It’s Mama’s Milk Tea, and it’s great for all nursing mama’s who want to increase their milk supply or make their milk more nutritional for baby.

With all of my babies, my milk supply has always been… just enough. As in, we made it just past the one year mark before baby decided he was more interested in real food than mama’s milk and weaned himself. If there’s a next time, I’m definitely grabbing some of this to boost my supply and make baby’s milk even better for him (or hopefully her) than it already is!

It’s organic, and it contains Red Raspberry Leaf, Fennel Seed, Nettle Leaf, Fenugreek Seed, Dandelion Leaf, and Blessed Thistle.

About the Herbs

Red Raspberry Leaf is THE herb for pregnant and nursing mamas. Not only is it packed full of nutrients, but it’s great for women’s reproductive health. The great thing about this herb is that it’s not just for women! The whole family could and should use it. This herb makes a great tea to keep in your fridge at all times. It tastes great, and it’s packed full of vitamins that your body needs!

Fennel Seed is a great tasting herb that does a variety of different things. Not only does it help to boost milk production, but it’s also used in weight loss formulas because it normalizes the appetite, and it’s used for digestive issues for babies (because of it’s great taste) and for those with gout.

Nettle Leaf is soooo healthy for you. This herb is a great addition to any herbal mix just because it’s so nutritional. It’s traditionally used for a lot of different things, but it mainly acts to increase urine production, increase the efficiency of the kidneys and liver, and to act as a mild laxative.

Fenugreek Seeds are mainly used for respiratory issues because of it’s expectorant like properties. It helps get the mucus and fluids up out of the lungs when you’re sick with something like bronchitis. But, Fenugreek Seeds are also very nutritious. They act like a fiber and are also full of fixed oils – often compared to Cod Liver Oil.

Dandelion Leaf is high in a lot of nutrients your body needs, but especially in calcium, and is recommended for increasing the nutritional content of breast milk. It’s also used medicinally as a blood purifier as it acts on some of the major organs like the pancreas, liver, and kidneys.

Blessed Thistle is most commonly used for increasing milk supply in nursing mothers, but it shouldn’t be used during pregnancy… only afterward. It’s an excellent source of potassium and sodium, and it’s thought to help with blood flow to the heart and brain.

How To Boost Your Milk Supply With This Simple Herbal Blend | Growing Up Herbal | If you're a nursing mama and looking for a natural way to boost your milk supply, this herbal blend may be just the thing to help you and your milk supply.

Ways To Use It

Obviously, you can use this herbal blend as a tea, but you can also use this as a tincture if you don’t want to drink tea throughout the day. A tincture is the best way to use a little but get a lot out of the herbs, but a tea is also great because it keeps you hydrated and helps to flush your kidneys… a must all the time, but especially while nursing your babies.

If I were to rank one of the two options above it would definitely be tea first… tincture second.

Check out the Using Herbs page to find out how to make both of these. They’re really simple!

Do you have trouble with your milk supply while nursing? What have you tried, and what were your results?

2 thoughts on “How To Boost Your Milk Supply With This Simple Herbal Blend”

  1. Hi Meagan,

    I’ve recently stumbled across your blog and I’m addicted! Amazing Mumma!!
    I’ve ordered a whole bunch of herbs to make my 9 month old your immunity and spring tonics. We have also just found out we are pregnant with our second child (yes. two under 18 months! eek). I would love to know if you have any suggestions on which, if any, herbs to take whilst pregnant to get a head start on milk supply. With my first I had a small milk supply (and god knows I tried everything to increase it from fenugreek to expressing 20 times a day) I managed to breastfeed until she was six months old but she never seemed full, it broke my heart.

    1. I’m not exactly sure if there’s something you can do while you’re pregnant or not… besides good nutrition and staying hydrated. I think that breast milk production isn’t stimulated until the end of pregnancy or upon delivery. Either way, here and here are two more posts on this topic. It may help give you more ideas. I’d also suggest working with a lactation consultant this time and trying a blend of herbs instead of just one. Hope that helps Diana, and best of luck with your pregnancy and delivery!

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