7 Sore Throat Remedies From Moms In The Know

7 Sore Throat Remedies From Moms In The Know | Growing Up Herbal | Seven experienced moms share their go-to sore throat remedies!

Having a kid with a sore throat is no fun experience, but it happens. I should know. I have four kids. That’s four little people who could come down with a sore throat for any known reason at any point during the year. Heck. Even I could come down with a sore throat!

Think with me about sore throats for a moment. Your throat feels hot and swollen. Sometimes it hurts to swallow spit, let alone food. Other times you have a snotty nose, body aches, and even a fever to go along with it. You may even feel tired… and whiny. Yes, whiny… especially when kids are involved.

No matter what the reason for having a sore throat is, there are sore throat remedies that can come to your rescue. These remedies can provide a cooling, moistening effect on your hot, dry throat. They can support the body and encourage it to mend itself. They can even be one of those “little things in life” that bring comfort during this uncomfortable time.

But Which Sore Throat Remedies Are The Right Ones

There are a plethora of “sore throat remedies” on the web. A quick Google or Pinterest search will result in so many that you now feel overwhelmed on which one is the right one to use.

That’s why I’ve asked some of my experienced mom friends to share what their go-to sore throat remedies are.

These moms have dealt with sore throats a time or two, and they’ve seen what gives them the best results. They also know what their kids will and won’t take. 

I mean, there’s nothing worse than making an herbal tea for a sore throat and have your kid spit it back in your face because it tastes bad. Talk about a waste of time, effort, and tea. 

I can tell you from my own personal experience, that one thing doesn’t always work for all my kids. Sometimes, I need several options to choose from. If one doesn’t work, for whatever reason, I have some other tried and true remedy to fall back on.

7 Go-To Sore Throat Remedies From Experienced Moms

The best way to support the body through a sore throat, no matter what’s causing it, is to get right on it… ASAP! The faster you can start using sore throat remedies, the easier it will be for your child’s body to mend and be back to normal soon. That means less time being sick and whiny and more time living a happy life.

Below are 7 go-to sore throat remedies from experienced moms who’ve been there and done that. Feel free to pick what works best for you and your child and give it a try the next time a sore throat shows up in your home. And remember, if you don’t get the results you’re looking for, there are many other options here that may work better for you.

  1. Garlic and honey. Salt water gargle.  – Lois
  2. Gargle with hydrogen peroxide, elderberry syrup, honey lemon garlic tea, garlic poultice on throat, Epsom salt tub.  – Kelly
  3. Ginger and honey tea or lemon and honey tea, echinacea hourly, eucalyptus or peppermint oil diffused in the air… especially in the bedroom overnight  – Judi
  4. Peroxide in the ear and eucalyptus or oregano oil on the foot.  – Sandra
  5. Raw honey with fresh raw garlic chopped up 4x/day (tbsp or so honey) WITH FOOD! We’ve been doing this here too, and those that took it right from the start didn’t get much worse than a sore throat and runny nose for two days, those we missed/didn’t realize fast enough it helped, but took longer. We’re doing it for 3 days regardless of symptoms, or it sometimes comes back worse  – Theresa
  6. In addition to other remedies… massage the neck. Dry brush the neck if you have a brush. Get that lymph moving. I have gotten rid of sore throats in five minutes doing this. Don’t forget the back of the neck and behind and in front of the ears, take the massage from up there all they way down to the collarbone. Feels great!  – Jennifer
  7. I use Theives EO spray in the back of the throat typically when that happens to me. – WLAJ

So there you go. The next time your kiddo comes down with a painful sore throat, come to their rescue with any of these go-to sore throat remedies that have worked well for moms who’ve dealt with sore throats many times in their own families.

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  1. Monica says:

    Hydrogen Peroxide to gargle with to kill whatever causing the soreness.. Colioldial silver, 2 oz, this is the natural antibiotic……double E tincture,dropper ful every hour until soreness, is gone…. last to coat the throat, mix together, raw honey,cinnamon and coconut oil , half a tsp. just before bed.. Believe me the sore throat is gone, but I work on natural antibiotic, during the day and 2 tsp. Of homemade Greek yogurt , to put in the good bacteria at nights while the body heals while one is sleeping..?This what works for us.. Important that one tells you they have a sore throat, longer one waits harder to tackle..

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