Life Snippets: Landscaping The Mountain (Video)

Life Snippets: Landscaping The Mountain (Video) | Growing Up Herbal | I'm sharing our updates on landscaping our mountain with you today.

As you well know… landscaping the mountain has been our big summer project this year. Our goal is to do all of this landscaping work in order to give our home more curb appeal so we can enjoy it more.

This whole, making a house into a home is a LONG process, but it’s been a fun one. At least, looking back on the progress we’ve made has been fun. At this point, mid-way through a big project like the one we’re in, I wouldn’t necessarily call it “fun,” but I can definitely see that things are coming together. The vision we have for our land is starting to take shape.

Today, I have a new video for you with an update of the progress we’re making with our landscaping. I hope you enjoy it!

If you missed my first blog post about landscaping the mountain, check that our first so you can appreciate the progress you’ll see in this video. You can see before photos in that post so you’ll have a better idea of what our land looked like before we started this project.

As you can see, a lot has been done since that first post!

We have almost all of our plants placed except for a couple areas. We have one of our retaining walls almost finished and the other one is ready to start work on the foundation of the wall.

Our goal would be to get both walls built and all the dirt around our steps and walls leveled out. This will all be covered in mulch with pathways and stepping stones as well. We probably won’t plant any plants here until spring of next year just because winter is too close. We’d also like to get the last two areas filled in with plants as well while summer is still here.

So that’s it! Thanks for watching and reading, and as always, thanks for being interested and supporting us as we live life naturally!

  1. Grace says:

    Lookin’ good! Lol about the cat! 🙂

  2. Monica says:

    That is awesome Meagan! Lot of hard work.. I bet the boys just love their home and great play set for them, so cool! I love your plants, what a lovely home!

  3. Jill York says:

    Love it! How fun to be able to personalize it!

  4. Michelle L Holmstrom says:

    It looks great! What a blessing to have your dreams coming to light. Even with lots of shade, lol!

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