Herb Folk: Yarrow Herb Study Recap

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Today I thought I’d share a quick recap of this past month’s Yarrow Herb Study inside of my Herb Folk herb study program.

In this study, we learned about several different actions and uses of nettle. We’ve also tried our hand at making, and hopefully using, several different yarrow preparations as well.

Get a quick peek of what we’ve covered in the Yarrow Herb Study below!

Inside the Herb Folk Yarrow Herb Study

herbal bug spray

Week 1 – Yarrow: An Aromatic

In week 1 of the Yarrow Herb Study, we looked at yarrow and its aromatic properties. Yarrow contains volatile oils to help it repel bugs, and it works to keep pesky bugs away from us as well!

We made an herbal bug spray that we can spritz on our clothes any time of the year to keep bugs at bay.

herbal bitters blend

Week 2 – Yarrow: A Bitter

In week 2 of the Yarrow Herb Study, we looked at yarrow and its bitter qualities. Yarrow contains bitter properties that help to stimulate digestion, increase metabolism and detoxification, and help give us more energy.

We made an herbal bitters spritzer that we can use before meals to jumpstart the digestive process so we can better digest and then absorb the nutrients in the foods we eat.

herbal heart tonic tincture

Week 3 – Yarrow: A Tonic

In week 3 of the Yarrow Herb Study, we looked at yarrow and its cardiotonic properties. Yarrow helps to tone the entire cardiovascular system in a gentle, safe way.

We made a heart tonic tincture containing some well-known herbs that support heart health, including yarrow. This tincture can be used on a daily basis alongside a healthy lifestyle to keep the heart and blood vessels strong and healthy.

yarrow powder

Week 4 – Yarrow: A Styptic

In week 4 of the Yarrow Herb Study, we looked at yarrow and styptic properties. Yarrow helps to slow bleeding when used externally.

We made a styptic powder that can be stored in your herbal first-aid kit and used when needed for cuts, scrapes, wounds, nosebleeds, and more!

Won’t You Join Me For An Herb Folk Herb Study?

If you joined me for this past month’s Yarrow Herb Study, then thank you so much! I hope you’ve learned some things you can apply in your own life as well as information you can share with friends and family.

If you haven’t tried an Herb Folk herb study yet, then I hope you enjoyed seeing this recap, and I hope you’ll join me for my FREE Ginger Herb Study right here. If you enjoy it, you can get 6 more herb studies (including this Yarrow Herb Study) right here!

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