Herb Folk: An Herbal Membership for Seasonal Herbalists

Just Imagine…

You put on a light jacket and boots and grab your foraging supplies before heading outside to forage the first spring herbs that have just peeped from the warming soil below. And just as nature’s rising energy wakes the plants from their winter slumber and pushes them out into the world above, so you feel your energy rising in turn, prompting you to gather these tender plants which will be turned into delicious foods and preparations to clear away the clutter of winter’s past.

From there, summer bursts forth, and nature’s energy is at an all-time high. The world around you is warm, bright, and vibrant. As you take your cue from Mother Nature, you begin to share of your abundance with those around you as your focus turns to entertaining friends and family with outdoor gatherings complete with your signature botanical mixed drinks, which are always a crowd-pleaser.

As fall approaches, a chill can be felt in the air, and the natural world bustles with one last burst of energy as it prepares for the cold, dark days to come. You follow suit and begin to stock your home apothecary with autumn herbs, many of which will be turned into herbal preparations that will line the shelves of your natural medicine cabinet and be your wellness allies over the coming weeks.

Slowly but surely, the dark and cold descend. The outside world becomes mostly silent and still, slumbering and meditating on what’s to come. And because you are a part of creation, your energy also wanes. You find peace and rest in the quiet days of winter as you connect with those nearest and dearest to your heart through celebrations and traditions fitting to the season.

And then again, like all years before, you find yourself arriving back in the same place you started as if saying hello to an old friend and beginning the cycle once more.

If you feel a stirring in your soul after reading these words, as I do, let me invite you to join me inside of Herb Folk!

Herb Folk is a low-cost membership that provides exclusive monthly content centered around seasonal herbalism and lifestyle practices that educate and inspire others to slow down and let the cycles of nature guide their days.

What You Can Expect:

Seasonal Herbal Information: 

From plant identification, sustainable foraging practices, and tips on cultivation, harvesting, and preserving herbs to clinical approaches to common ailments and herbal preparation recipes throughout each season of the year.

Creative Projects:

Quarterly creative projects to push you to new levels in your seasonal herbalism and lifestyle journey. Be a member each season for year-round creative inspiration.

Exclusive Community:

Connect with other members and spark up conversation in an exclusive group setting — directly on the membership site or in the members-only Facebook group.

Who It’s For:

  • Members of Meagan’s free Seasonal Living Collective who would like to journey deeper into seasonal living and herbalism
  • Dabbling herbalists who would like to learn a little here and a little there as they find the time.
  • Experienced herbalists who would like to approach their practice from a seasonal perspective.
  • Those on a budget that are looking for an affordable herbal education and community.
  • Individuals who want a behind-the-scenes look at an herbalist’s lifestyle.
  • Folks looking for online content that is slow, beautiful, and authentic.
  • People who enjoy a mixture of content formats, including written, visual, and audible.
  • Those looking to learn more about vitalist herbal practices and approaching wellness from a whole perspective.
  • Individuals who want to connect with nature and feel more grounded and aligned with ancient wisdom and practices.
  • Homeschool moms and parents who want to expose their children to more nature-based learning through the world of herbalism.

What You Get:

For only $5 a month, you will get immediate access to…

  • Exclusive monthly content as it becomes available,
  • Access to the members-only area of the Growing Up Herbal website, which includes all new and past content,
  • Invitation to the members-only Facebook group for those who want to connect in a social setting, and a
  • Monthly email newsletter to complement the quarterly creative projects and the new content you are learning about.

When you join, you’ll instantly receive access to a library of 25+ classes and articles, including:

  • Mugwort for Dreaming
  • Making Herbal Incense
  • Making Fresh Herb-Infused Oils
  • Four Channels of Elimination
  • Cleavers Plant Walk
  • Making Flower Essences
  • Making Homemade Hydrosols
  • Herbal Gardening
  • Herbal Parasite Cleanse Protocol
  • Living Balanced in Spring
  • Making Ayurvedic Herbal Oils
  • Making Herbal Earache Oil
  • Goldenrod Blessing Broom Folklore
  • Making Sore Throat Herbal Pastilles
  • Harvesting Wintergreen
  • and more!

About Meagan:

Meagan Visser is a Registered Nurse turned herbalist who has been sharing her journey toward natural, herbal, seasonal living online for over a decade. Nestled in a small mountain town in Southern Appalachia with her husband, four boys, and several fur babies, Meagan strives to live a slow lifestyle that reflects the cycles and seasons of nature. Her days revolve around rhythms and rituals that ebb and flow with the wheel of the year, helping her to fill her days with intention and build sweet memories with her family and friends.

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