Herb Folk Herb Study Bundle


Herb Folk is my monthly herb study program that is designed to make learning about herbs fun and simple. By slowing down and focusing your herbal studies on one herb at a time, it will cut down on the overwhelm that learning about herbs can cause and solidify what you are learning by immediately putting that knowledge to use through hands-on projects.

Now you can get 6 months of individual Herb Folk herb studies bundled together for an even lower price!



In the Herb Folk herb study bundle, I will teach you practical information and ways to use the following herbs:

  • Nettle (Urtica dioica) leaf
  • Chamomile (Matricaria chamomilla) flower
  • Yarrow (Achillea millefolium) aerial parts
  • Oat (Avena sativa) aerial parts
  • Elder (Sambucus nigra) flower and berry
  • Marshmallow (Althaea officinalis) root

Each of the above studies will consist of 4 weekly email lessons and 4 hands-on recipes (imperial measurements) using the herb. Yes, you read that right. All of the lessons will come straight to your inbox so you don’t have to worry about remembering any login URLs or credentials!

This program is self-paced so you don’t have to worry about staying up-to-date with lessons. You are more than welcome to take a break and come back to your lessons when you’re ready. Simply save your lessons to a folder in your inbox or print out the monthly herb study PDFs and come back to them when you have time. You are in complete control!



In the Nettle Herb Study, you will learn how nettle leaf can be a great way to increase your intake of dietary minerals, how it has a salty flavor and can enhance the flavor of food, how it works to gently increase breastmilk production in nursing mamas, and how consistent use of nettle can ease seasonal allergies!

You will receive recipes that will have you whipping up an herbal mineral vinegar, tasty nettle popcorn sprinkles, a mama’s milk tea blend (oh so good for us non-nursing folks too), and allergy capsules from the comfort of your kitchen.


In the Chamomile Herb Study, you will learn how chamomile flowers can help stimulate the skin to repair itself when damage and injury from UV rays occur, how it works to ease inflammation and redness in and out of the body, how it can be used to calm the upset stomach, and how it works to relax the body when stress and fatigue are present.

You will receive recipes that will have you creating a gentle face toner to help with uneven skin tone, a whole-body moisturizing cream that is perfect after a long day in the sun or the dry skin that often accompanies winter, a lightly sweet treat that is a great way to end a meal and settle one’s digestion on a hot day, as well as a relaxing bedtime tea blend that will make your slumber a bit sweeter.


In the Yarrow Herb Study, you will learn how yarrow works to deter bugs, how it can assist you with digestion when used before meals, some benefits yarrow has when it comes to heart health and how to use it as a tonic for this body system, and how yarrow works to slow or even stop bleeding.

You will receive recipes that will have you making my favorite herbal bug spray, ever! We’ll also make an herbal bitters spritzer for daily use as well as a DIY heart tonic tincture that you’ll use seasonally, and lastly, you’ll learn how to prepare, store, and use a yarrow styptic powder as well.


In the Oat Herb Study, you will learn how oats are used to soothe inflammation and soften the skin, how a part of the oat plant can be used to fertilize and replenish the soil of your indoor and outdoor plants, how oats aid in digestive health, and how they work to nourish the nervous system and balance hormones so your passion in and out of the bedroom is ignited! Yeah, baby!

You will receive recipes that will have you blending up some gentle cleansing grains to soften and exfoliate your face, making herbal compost tea for your plant as well as a yummy oat breakfast you’ll want to eat on a regular basis. And lastly, you’ll get a formula for a tasty love potion that can be used to balance and restore your libido!


In the Elder Herb Study, you will learn how this plant can be used to relax the body and calm the nerves, how it can be used as a tasty condiment in addition to a healthy meal, how to use it to dye fabrics without toxic chemicals, as well as how to use it for immune system support during cold and flu season.

You will receive recipes that will have you making a lovely, light scented syrup with elderflowers to relax the mind and body as well as a tasty elderberry jam to complement your meals. You’ll also get a step-by-step tutorial on how to make an elder dye that will give your fabrics a lovely pink-purple hue, and lastly, you’ll learn how to make a lovely elderberry glycerite to use when you need some immune support.


In the Marshmallow Herb Study, you will learn how this root can be used to decrease surface inflammation on the skin, soothe the urinary tract when an infection is present, nourish healthy gut bacteria in the digestive tract, and soothe and promote skin tissue regeneration after a burn.

You will receive recipes that will have you making a soothing bath soak, a tasty drink that will benefit more than your tastebuds alone, an easy-to-make “herb pill” that will benefit your microbiome, and a simple gel to soothe and ease the pain of topical burns.


1. After you purchase, you will get a welcome email from me introducing you to the program and sharing the 6 month supply list you will need to for the hands-on portion of your lessons. You will have 2 weeks to gather your supplies before the first lesson arrives in your inbox.
2. Two weeks later, your lessons will begin arriving in your inbox weekly.
3. At the end of each herb study, you will receive one final email with a recap of all your lessons and a downloadable PDF with all the lesson content and recipes inside that you can print or save to your computer for future reference.

Once your herb studies are complete, I guarantee you will never forget how to use these plants again, and these recipes will become staples in your home for years to come!

Learn more about Herb Folk herb studies and how they work right here!


Can I try before I buy?

Absolutely! I’ve got a free herb study on the herb ginger that you can try before you purchase any other herb studies. You can read more about Herb Folk and sign up for the free ginger study right here.

It's been 72 hours, and I still haven't received my welcome email!

Technology, while mostly beneficial, can certainly be a pain sometimes. Emails included. If it’s been more than 72 hours, and you still haven’t recieved an email, be sure you’ve checked your spam and promotional folders. If you still can’t find it, contact me, and I’ll get everything straightened out!

Are these studies for the beginner or advanced herbalist?

Herb Folk herb studies are geared toward beginner herbalists or those who want to learn how to use herbs in a practical way in their homes and family. Be sure to read the, “Who Is Herb Folk For” section as well as the FAQ section here to see if Herb Folk is a fit for you.

How do I download my Guide?

After your purchase has been completed, you will receive an automatic email containing a link to a page where you can download the guide. The file will download as a .zip file so you will need to unzip it to access the guide files.

Sometimes these emails wind up in spam folders, instead of your inbox. Before you worry that you didn’t get the email, make sure you take a good look at your spam folder first.

Once you download your guide, make sure you save to your computer so you can read it anytime you want.

Also, if you are using Paypal to order, be sure to note the email address of the Paypal account you are using. The email automatically goes to that email address. If for some reason you do not have access to that Paypal email address, please email me at meagan[at]growingupherbal[dot]com, and I will personally email you the download link.

Can I download this Guide on my iPad or iPhone?

Absolutely! This download comes as a .zip file that contains the guide in three different formats (.pdf, .epub, and .mobi) so you can download it to all of your devices.

How long will my download link work for?

The links in your purchase email will be available to you for ONLY 4 days. Please download all of your guides right away and save to your computer.

Can I share this Guide with my friends or family members?

No. All of my eBooks are copyrighted. Your purchase does not entitle you to share the files or upload them anywhere online where others can access them.

Sharing digital products is theft and steals from me as an author who works so hard to create these wonderful resources, so please make sure that you respect my copyright.

What about refunds?

Because of the nature of digital products, I don’t offer refunds for my courses or e-books at this time.

If you have any other questions, feel free to contact me here, and I will get back to you.

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