5 Halloween Costume Ideas for Herbalists

With October here, many are gearing up for traditional autumn events, such as Samhain, Halloween, Day of the Dead, and other common harvest festivals. And because it’s never too early to start planning your Halloween costume, I thought it would be fun to gather some fun Halloween costume ideas for herbalists — 5 of them to be exact!

If you want to share your love of the plant world, then why not use Halloween as a chance to celebrate that? While there are many great ideas for Halloween costumes for the plant-minded person, choosing something fun that uniquely represents you is always a great idea. As herbalists, we each feel called to different parts of the plant path, and many of these callings can be outwardly expressed in the costume ideas below.

5 Halloween Costume Ideas for Herbalists

Costume Idea #1: Witch

When it comes to being an herbalist, the usual pointy hat, crooked nose, and wart-ridden face of a stereotypical witch isn’t what usually comes to mind. However, when it comes to Halloween costumes, it can be a fun way to express your plant potion-making self with some fun attire. Back in the old days, witches were often wise women with a rich understanding of plants and the natural world. Witches knew how to use plants for healing (but hey, if you want to throw in a couple of “hocus pocus” spells for the fun, go for it), as does the herbalist. So why not capitalize on that similarity?

So whether you go for the classic witch costume or the old wise woman who lives in the woods, either is fine, as long as it means something to you. You could also take this chance to get a little creative and showcase your version of a modern herbal witch!

Costume Idea #2: Botanist

Again, this is about celebrating your deep connection with nature, so what better way to showcase that than with a botanist outfit? Herbalists, after all, spend a lot of time getting to know plants really well.

With this Halloween costume idea, you’ve got a lot of room to play around to find something fitting for you. You can go the scientist route with a lab coat, magnifying glass, and plant sample. Or, you can forgo the clinical look and go with earthy-toned pants, a wide-brimmed explorer’s hat (since a botanist typically spends a lot of time outdoors), a camera for capturing detailed images of plants, and a journal complete with some information on your favorite plants jotted down inside.

Costume Idea #3: Forager

Foraging is a big part of being an herbalist. A forager’s outfit, like all the costume ideas for herbalists on this list, is up for interpretation, but think about what you’d typically need if you were looking for plants out in the fields, meadows, and forests.

High boots might be a good way to protect against snakes and plants that tend to give you itchy rashes (here’s looking at you poison ivy!), a hat to protect against the sun, and some overalls to provide easy mobility. Also, remember you’re going on a procuring expedition so bring scissors, gloves, and most importantly, a big shoulder bag!

Costume Idea #4: Hippie

The hippie movement had much to do with nature, specifically embracing and celebrating our connection with the natural world. Flower Power doubles as a great herbalist motto. So use that in your Halloween outfit. 

If you’re heavily into herbalism and a big music fan, then a hippie Halloween costume should be the ideal choice. All you need is some tye-dye, a bandana around your head, a vest, and some bellbottom jeans, and your set!

Costume Idea #5: Mother Nature

Alright, I’ve saved the best for last – Mother Nature. What’s great about this particular costume is that it is up to interpretation like all other Halloween costumes for herbalists. If you’ve got a creative nature, take a moment to acknowledge what Mother Nature means to you, and go from there because no two Mother Nature outfits will be the same.

Go with green or stand out in something bright but earthy. Add elements of nature to your outfit like flowers in your hair, stars, moons, and planets on your jewelry, and don’t forget to include other earth elements, such as fire, water, wood, metal, earth, and ether (in whatever form you choose to represent it), as well. This is a beautiful way to show gratitude to nature’s marvel, making it one of my favorites in this list of herbalist Halloween costume ideas.

So tell me, if you celebrate Halloween and are an herbalist, which of these outfits would you choose? Share with me in the comments below!

Love and light,

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