The Gems of Autumn

The Gems of Autumn | Growing Up Herbal | The autumn season is here, and October’s seasonal living mini magazine will be landing in your inbox soon.

I’m not a big gem person. I think they’re pretty, but I don’t really know a whole lot about them. My kids know more about gems than I do. Gem mining is one of their favorite things to do—in real life and in Minecraft ?, and they love studying earth science because they get to learn more about these sorts of things. Maybe one of them will turn out to be a geologist. Who knows!

When I think about gems, though, I think about the fall season and my own personal values—those precious little nuggets of wisdom, life lessons, and core beliefs in my life.

You see, the autumn season is a time to look back on and evaluate the life we lived this past year, to reflect on lessons learned, and to identify the values we want to take with us in the coming year. It’s a time to cut away excess, to prepare for the season ahead, and slowly, over time, to release more and more of our responsibilities.

Doesn’t that sound nice to you too? At this point in the year, I’m all about that slowing, simplifying, and stripping away of excess.

If you want to learn more about what seasonal living looks like in the autumn, be sure to sign up to my biweekly letters. The October seasonal living mini magazine comes out at the end of this month. In this magazine we are wrapping up the fall season and completing the last steps in preparing for season to come. Stay tuned! It’s going to be good!

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