Pushing Past Ruts & Finding Beauty In The Everyday

Pushing Past Ruts & Finding Beauty In The Everyday | Growing Up Herbal | I've been feeling pretty uninspired lately, but some recent wise words have helped me in finding beauty in the mundane, everyday things.

It seems that lately, with all the DIY house remodel projects going on, I’ve been feeling pretty uninspired here on the blog and on Instagram. I find myself forgetting to take photos throughout the day, and I’m uninspired to share life or herbal goodness with anyone. However, I read something @thefreckledfox wrote earlier this week about taking photos whether you want to or not—even during the hard times, the sad times, or the boring times—because one day you’ll look back on those photos and be glad you took them. That was a message I needed to hear, although, she was talking about a much harder situation than the one I’m going through.

So here I am, sharing real life with you, even when it’s not the most inspiring thing ever. Thanks for being here during this season of craziness in my life. I appreciate you so much!

Also, our floors are now ready to be sanded, stained, and sealed! ?? I can’t wait! It’s crazy how different the house looks just by changing the flooring.

While I was standing in the kitchen this morning admiring how pretty the floors looked in their raw state, another thought struck me. The little boys and I were reading the Little House series this year as our read aloud, and looking at these bare floors made me think just how grateful Ma Ingalls would have been to have her floors this level and smooth. So yeah — I’m grateful for them just as they are, but I’m also looking forward to finishing them soon!

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