Life Lately: Home Remodel Updates

Life Lately: Home Remodel Updates | Growing Up Herbal | Mid-October musings on home remodels, autumn days, and life lately.

I’ve been missing from Instagram and the blog as of late. My mornings are filled with feeding hungry bellies, guiding kids to the day’s schoolwork, and getting myself to work all so we can be finished and off to the new house sometime in the early afternoon. There we spend the rest of the day working on projects like moving walls and drywall work, taking lights and shelving down so more painting can be done, pulling up laminate flooring, or removing hardware and doors from kitchen cabinets so they can be painted. We make it home in time to shower and sleep, and then we do it all again the next day.

This certainly wasn’t how I planned to spend my October. I saw myself making the most of these fall days with some hikes, baking fall goodies, doing some fun seasonal learning projects with the boys, planning out homemade Halloween costumes, and capturing a lot of photos of our time together.

Nonetheless, this is what our life looks like during this season, and instead of focusing on all the things I may be missing out on, I’m choosing to be hopeful and excited for the things to come. We are currently making our house into the home we will live in, hopefully, for the rest of our lives. There will be many more Octobers and autumn seasons to come— many more memories to be made.

For now, though, I will capture what our life looks like at this moment whether it’s all four boys piling into the Jacuzzi together, or it’s me with three-day-old makeup, unwashed hair piled into a messy bun, and ratty clothes covered in paint!

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