Wrapping Up The Homeschool Year

Wrapping Up The Homeschool Year | Growing Up Herbal | Between work, remodeling a house, and living out of our suitcases, we’re also wrapping up the homeschool year this month!

As some of you know (if you read my blog or my Instagram blurbs regularly), we are wrapping up our homeschool year this month. However, since this is such a time of transition for us, with working on our new house and living out of our suitcases, our daily routine is a bit skewed. Because of that our last month of school looks a bit different than it would if we were still living on the mountain. While that stresses my type-a self out a wee bit, I’m trying to not worry about completing all of the curricula, and instead, embrace this time of learning as we go about our daily lives. Sure, homeschooling naturally affords us this kind of opportunity, but we’re being more intentional about it right now.

We’re still hitting our main subjects like math, spelling, grammar, history, and science almost daily. We’re doing foreign language, geography, read-a-louds, and listening to our composers, hymns, and folk songs as we have time. And while we’re not dedicating time to intentional nature study like we normally do, we are still taking nature walks and making art of what we find. This photo shows three little nature finds we will add to our October nature table.

The main thing I’ve noticed with this strange new routine is that this time is allowing us to focus more on life skills, or handicrafts as Charlotte Mason calls it. The boys are learning to keep our October home clean, they’re helping cook more of our meals, and they’re learning how to remodel our new house. Thank goodness my husband and his family know how to do this sort of thing!!

Anyway, this is what our school life looks like at the moment. If you’re a homeschool parent, I hope you are finding a good rhythm in whatever your life looks like at the moment as well.

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