2021 Autumn Seasonal Living Goals

Because I love the idea of living seasonally so much, I decided that instead of sitting around wishing and dreaming seasonal living into my life, that I would get busy and create a list of practical things I could do this year to live more fully during autumn.

If you’re curious about what I’ll be up to, my list of autumn seasonal living to-dos is below.

  • Make a list of fruits and veggies that are in season, and work those into meal plans more.
  • Find three new seasonal recipes to try (one per month).
  • Utilize my crockpot/Instant Pot to cook more soups and stews!
  • Finally get around to relabeling and restocking the spices in my pantry (including adding some new homemade spice blends as well).
  • Create an autumn capsule wardrobe (this one may be a stretch for me!).
  • Restock my natural medicine cabinet (and relabel with these lovelies).
  • Diffuse seasonal essential oil blends daily.
  • Study three different herbs that are available in my area during this season (one per month).
  • Try to go to bed an hour earlier each night and get up an hour earlier each morning (also may be a stretch for me).
  • Come up with 2-3 character qualities to discuss and teach to my children (and myself!).
  • Plan a special family night each month where we play a new board game and drink a seasonal drink (like Pumpkin Spice Golden Milk or Mulled Apple Cider).

Seeing how we’re at the very beginning of autumn, there’s plenty of time to put these autumn seasonal living to-dos into practice! Hopefully, incorporating these to-dos will help me to be more mindful during this season as well!

If you are also interested in living more seasonally, feel free to make room for these autumn seasonal living to-dos in your life too! You won’t regret it!

Also, let’s keep this conversation going! I’d love it if you shared your tips and suggestions for autumn seasonal living with me in the comment section below.

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