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How To Make DIY Herbal Soup Rings

How To Make DIY Herbal Soup Rings | Growing Up Herbal | Take your water-based foods to the next level by using these herbal soup rings to amp up the flavor and nutritional benefits! Learn to make them in this post.

Autumn is the season for colored leaves, warm clothes, and hearty comfort foods. And while those things may bring a sense of rest and relaxation, autumn can be a busy time of year. There are sporting events to attend, holiday preparations to make, shorter days to fit everything into, and for many gardeners, food preservation …

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2021 Autumn Seasonal Living Goals

Because I love the idea of living seasonally so much, I decided that instead of sitting around wishing and dreaming seasonal living into my life, that I would get busy and create a list of practical things I could do this year to live more fully during autumn. If you’re curious about what I’ll be …

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December Reflections 2020

Happy New Year’s Eve, friends! Do you have plans for the evening? We definitely do, even though our plans are looking a bit different than they have in the past. This year, we’re staying in and celebrating New Year’s on the couch! I have a soup and sourdough loaf ready for dinner. I have all …

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