Weekly Vlog: Greenhouse Veggies, Piano Recitals, and DIY Tick Repellant Shampoo

In this week’s vlog, we’re heading to a local greenhouse to purchase some vegetable plants for our garden, and I’m also sharing some clips of the boy’s first piano recital in 3 years! Next, join me as I make a DIY tick repellant shampoo made with essential oils to help keep pests off the boys as they play outside during the warmer months of the year. Lastly, join me for a little car chit-chat as I run errands out of town. We’ll talk about clothing and style, upcoming house projects, and more!

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Enjoy, friends!

Greenhouse Veggies | Piano Recitals | DIY Tick Repellant Shampoo

Alright, friends. I hope you enjoyed this weekly vlog!

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