Things I’m Currently Loving About Spring

Today I thought I’d share some pictures of recently enjoyed things, particularly when it comes to spring things I’m currently loving.

Current Spring Favorites

1. Spring Folk Music

I’m really loving this spring playlist over on Spotify. Folk music is my favorite! It makes me happy to put it on to quietly play in the background while I work online, cook, clean, or read. It makes me feel peaceful.

2. Flowers!

They are everywhere! If you were to look through the photos on my phone, it would be comical just how many plant photos are there—more than my kids. No joke! 

pink dogwood blooms

3. Warm, Sunny Days

While the spring seems to bring endless rain, I’m so enjoying the couple of days of warm sunshine we’re getting inbetween the rain showers. 

4. Kids Playing Outside Again

After a long, cold winter, I love seeing them running around outside, yelling or giggling. It makes my mama heart glad that they have so much space to run and play and that it’s fairly safe for them on our property. 

little boy walking down road with arms outstretched

5. Birds Singing in the Morning, and Frogs Singing at Night

Y’all, nothing feels more country than going to sleep with the windows cracked and the frogs singing me to sleep at night, only to be woke in the morning by sun streaming through my bedroom window and the birds chirping merrily outside. 

6. Outdoor Projects

Yes, there are plenty of outdoor projects for us to work on! There’s gardening, washing windows, buying plants for the front porch, clearing fallen trees from our property, cleaning out the pond, washing the dog, so on and so forth.

newly landscaped garden

7. Spring Holidays

I love holidays, and the spring has a plethora of them: Imbolc, St. Patrick’s Day, Passover, Easter, Earth Day, Mother’s Day, and Memorial Day!

8. Updating Wardrobes for Warmer Weather

This year, I’ve joined Amazon Prime’s Wardrobe and I’m using their Personal Shopper feature. It’s similar to Stitch Fix, but you don’t have to pay so much per shipment. In fact, it’s only $5! So far I’m loving it, and it’s helping me refresh my wardrobe a little at a time. Normally, I’d be doing some second-hand shopping here and there as well as checking out TJ Maxx, Ross, and maybe Target for some pieces.

9. Spring Cleaning

Spring is a perfect season for doing some extra cleaning—for both my body and my home. I love opening the windows in the house, turning on our whole-house fan, breaking out the essential oil-infused Branch Basics cleaners and other cleaning supplies, and tackling those less frequent deep cleaning jobs. And while I regularly take my Plexus BioCleanse for overall cleansing support, in the spring, I like to incorporate gentle alterative herbs into my diet here and there as well as add in some additional liver support if I feel I need it. Since using my favorite Plexus products regularly, I haven’t felt the need for additional herbal liver support, which is great, but if I were to need it, spring would be the time when I’d do it.

branch basics cleaning bottles

And there you have it, friends—nine things I’m currently loving this spring!

Tell me—what is one thing you love about spring? Share with me in the comments below so I can get to know you better!

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