Seasonal Herbalism Community March Recap

Wow! This past month has been a blast inside of my Seasonal Herbalism Community over on Patreon. So today, I thought I’d share a sneak peek at all the things we covered in March in case you haven’t joined me over there yet, and you’re curious about the kind of content you can expect.

Seasonal Herbalism Community: March Recap

This past month, we covered the following topics.

  • There were two in-depth articles available, one about 15 herbs to forage in spring and another about mugwort for dreaming (since spring is the season for dreamwork).
  • I created a recipe walk-through video about how I make loose-leaf herbal incense blends as well as herbal dream incense cones.
  • In our book club discussion, we read and discussed the first half of the Bitters section in Guido Mase’s book, The Wild Medicine Solution.
  • There were two free downloads this month. The first was a desktop calendar wallpaper and a mobile quote wallpaper for March, and the second was a printable recipe card for saving your favorite herbal recipes.
  • I also shared a Q&A audio where I answered questions about seasonal herbalism, using parts in recipes, and how quarterly herbal surprise boxes work in the Winter membership tier.
  • Winter members also received a Spring Equinox Herbal Surprise box filled with four full-sized herbal products they can use throughout the spring season along with a spring seasonal letter and recipes for all the products in the surprise box.

If you’d like to learn more about why I created this community for botanically-minded folks, I share all about that here.

If you’d like to have access to all of the above March content as well as upcoming content, you can join the Seasonal Herbalism Community right here.

April Preview

Now if you’d like to get a wee preview of some things we’ll be talking about in April, we will continue making our way through the spring cycle and learning from the lessons it has for us.

  • One thing we’ll be looking into are the channels of elimination in the body uses for cleansing and detoxing purposes.
  • You will also find another set of desktop and mobile wallpapers.
  • I’ll be sharing a favorite recipe for an amazing ointment for patches of dry skin that spring tends to bring our way, especially as we spend more time outdoors in the wind and sun, not to mention spending more time with our hands in the garden dirt.
  • We will finish up the Bitters section of The Wild Medicine Solution.
  • I will be answering more of your herbal questions in a new Q&A audio (one about Instant Pot tinctures)!
  • The first of the quarterly herb walk videos will be released, and at this point, I’m thinking it will be about foraging for cleavers.
  • I also have two lovely discounts to share as well, one for some natural skincare products from a small batch skincare company and one for one of my own products.
  • And lastly, I’ll be sharing another herb walk-through video tutorial this month about how to make fresh herb-infused oils.

Is the Seasonal Herbalism Community for You?

If you…

  • Long to live in sync with the cycles and rhythms of nature…
  • Feel drawn toward slow, simple living…
  • Plant medicine calls to you…
  • Feel grounded in the Old Ways…
  • See yourself gathering and growing botanicals…
  • Envision your home filled with dried herbs and plant preparations…
  • Feel giddy getting nerdy over plant and nature studies…
  • Are looking for a community of like-minded plant folks to join…
  • Want to feel mentored in your herbal practice on an ongoing basis…

… then my inner herbal circle is for you!

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