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I’ve spent some time this past month thinking about my little blog and about some potentially larger goals I want to reach over the next year. In all of my thinking, one of the things that became clear to me was that I needed to update my “freebie offer” to those subscribed to my Lunar Letters email list.

Now, before you make any assumptions about that, let me explain. Back in the day (heck, maybe it’s still taught!), as a fledgling blogger, I was taught that you MUST HAVE a newsletter and you MUST HAVE a free offer that people get when they subscribe. This is good blogging business.

However, over my years of blogging (almost 10!), I’ve come to find what works for me, and that’s to have a newsletter and to sometimes have a little free something I give to those on that list. Most times, this free thing is spread out over the year.

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You see, my letters are personal and heartfelt. They are quite different from many other “newsletters” out there as they’re less about news and more about lifestyle. I write them to “my tribe” if you will, and I regularly ask those who read my letters to write me back. We’re a community. I share a bit more of my deeper self there, and I love hearing back from those who read my letters.

You can see sample letters here, here, and here.

Business or not, I do not feel that I MUST offer people something for free in order to entice them onto that list, but I do like to offer those who are there a little something extra each month if possible.

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For the past two years, I’ve sent out a monthly seasonal living mini magazine to those on my list, but not even half-way into 2020, I accidentally deleted ALL the files on my iMac and lost everything, including my seasonal magazines. This was a major setback as you can imagine! Thankfully, though, many people who receive my letters had saved copies of my magazines and were kind enough to share them with me. While I wasn’t able to pick back up with my magazines last year, I do have a plan to repurpose and bring them back to life this year.

So in all my thinking over the past month, I knew I wanted to do something for the folks on my list that was fun, inspirational, seasonally-focused, and beautiful. Since the majority of the people who receive my letters are similar to me, I asked myself what little something I would enjoy getting each month in my inbox, and these fun wallpapers for desktop and phones immediately came to mind.

I love being able to change the backgrounds of my computer and phone to match the seasons, and I LOVE having a calendar displayed on my desktop background that I can see as soon as I open it up. Having a seasonally appropriate quote as the lock screen on my phone is also encouraging to me as well.

Each month, I’ll be sending these little beauties out to my friends who are signed up to receive my Lunar Letters. If you would like to have access to these wallpapers and you’re not currently getting my letters, let me encourage you to sign up here so you don’t miss out!

Hope you’ll join me!

Love and light,

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