Take a Peek at New Seasonal Products in the Shop

Take a Peek at New Seasonal Products in the Shop

I mentioned in my last YouTube vlog that I had recently launched a membership site for those who would like to be mentored by me in how to become a seasonal herbalist and better align their lifestyles with the cycles and rhythms of the seasons.

I call it my Seasonal Herbalism Community, and there are four different membership levels to choose from based on what you need or want.

One of the top features of this membership is getting a quarterly surprise box filled with full-sized seasonal products. These products are intended to help you embrace each season on each equinox and solstice.

Now, if you’re not getting these quarterly surprise boxes yet, you can sign up for the Winter tier of my Seasonal Herbalism Community right here. This will ensure that you don’t miss out on the next box (and get access to some other awesome herbal and seasonal living info as well).

I recently shipped out the Spring Equinox Surprise Box to members of the Seasonal Herbalism Community. Since I had a small number of products left over, I thought I’d add them to the shop. This way, if anyone who isn’t a member (or is and doesn’t receive the boxes) is interested in purchasing them (free shipping included), they can do that here.

If you’d like to take a peek at what was inside of the Spring Equinox Surprise Box, keep reading!

1. Floral Sugar Scrub – 8 oz.

Gently erase the dull, dry skin of winter to reveal the youthful, glowing skin beneath with this Floral Sugar Scrub.

2. Cleavers Succus – 1 oz.

A juice extract to gently move and cleanse stagnation, toxins, and cellular debris from the body can be found in this wildcrafted Cleavers Succus.

3. Body Beautiful Oil – 2 oz.

Nourish and feed the skin with the help of floral botanicals and energizing volatile essences with this Body Beautiful Herb-Infused Oil.

4. Spring Greens Infusion – 8 oz. tin

A blend of nutritional plants to support movement, rising energy, and growth in spring can be found in this Spring Greens Infusion blend.

Again, if you’d like to get your hands on any of these products before they’re sold out, you can do that here – https://growingupherbal.com/product-category/seasonal-products/

And if you want to join my Seasonal Herbalism Community and get the upcoming Summer Solstice Surprise Box (it’s going to be great), you can do that right here!

As always, thank you so much for supporting me and my little business. Because of your support, you make it possible for me to continue doing all that I do, and I appreciate that so much!

Love and light,

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