5 Must-Have Products for Your Natural Immunity Travel Kit

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Our fall homeschool break is coming up soon, and this year, I thought it would be fun to take the boys to the Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg area for the weekend since it’s so close to us. Not only do they love riding all the rides at Dollywood (and Dean and I love their annual Harvest Festival), but there’s just so much to do and see in this area. Because we’re heading to a highly-populated area during cold and flu season (and the fact that we’re still dealing with the Covid pandemic), I’ve decided to share what I’m packing in my natural immunity travel kit this year with you.

Now, I’m not saying that these items will keep us from getting sick, but they can help to support our immune system and give us a good chance of staying healthy. I’ll share what I’m including in my natural immunity travel kit this year and why (if it’s not already obvious) as well as some photos and recipes for you if you prefer to DIY instead of buy!

Now before I tell you about the individual products I’m including in my natural immunity travel kit, let me first tell you that these products have to be small. If I’m taking my kids to a theme park, I don’t want to be carting around a big bag or have a lot of products to have to keep up with while we’re there. Our priority is to have fun as a family.

With that said, the products in this year’s natural immunity travel kit are small enough to fit into a small Cavallini & Co. pouch that is easily stored in my Kavu bag that I carry with me in the park and some even stay in the car.

Okay, let’s take a look at this year’s natural immunity travel kit.

My Natural Immunity Travel Kit

The first thing I’m including in this year’s natural immunity travel kit is a bag of Ginger Spice silver lozenges from AmeoLife. Not only do these lozenges taste great (the whole family loves them) but they contain 1 teaspoon of colloidal silver — a well-known antimicrobial agent — in each lozenge!

Since many viral and bacterial illnesses enter the body through the mouth or nasal passages, these lozenges are a great way to get the colloidal silver in direct contact with the tissues in the mouth, pharynx, and throat. For maximum antimicrobial benefit, it’s really important to keep the silver solution in contact with the tissues for at least 6 minutes, and these lozenges make that possible in the simplest way. My plan is for each of us to use a lozenge every few hours when we are in a busy place (such as Dollywood) or anytime we come into prolonged close contact with other people (like standing in long lines) on our trip.

As I mentioned earlier, the silver lozenges from AmeoLife taste great. There are several different flavors to choose from, but I chose Ginger Spice for the autumn season. While they offer both a 20 count bag and a 40 count bag, the 20 count is the perfect travel size for our family. If you wanna give these silver lozenges a try (or any of the other awesome products over at AmeoLife), you can get 25% off your first order when you shop through this link!

The next thing in my natural immunity travel kit is some hand sanitizer. While there are some amazing natural hand sanitizers available from reputable brands, but if you’d prefer to DIY instead of buy, I have several safe and effective essential oil hand sanitizer recipes here on the blog.

While my first choice is to wash our hands with soap and water, as that is most effective at removing dirt, microbes, and chemicals, when you’re in a busy place or out and about on the town, that isn’t always possible. This is where hand sanitizers come into play. Just a spritz or squirt of a natural hand sanitizer (must contain 60% alcohol to be effective) rubbed into the hands is super helpful until you get a chance to actually wash your hands again (CDC Source).

The next item in my natural immunity travel kit is one that will be staying in the car. Any guesses?

It’s an antimicrobial essential oil blend that I’ll use in our car diffuser. As I mentioned earlier, most viruses enter the body through the mouth or nasal passages, so diffusing antimicrobial essential oils while in the car is a great way to get the benefits of these volatile oils directly to the nasal tissues. Not only that but it only takes 20-seconds or so for the molecules in essential oils to enter the bloodstream, triggering your immune system to be on guard against foreign invaders.

Another item I plan to keep in my natural immunity travel kit is a hydrosol mask spray. While wearing a mask is no longer mandatory in most places in Tennessee, some places still require them when indoors in a restaurant except when you’re eating. Seeing how this is the case in Dollywood, I thought bringing along an herbal hydrosol that is known to have antimicrobial properties in a handy spray bottle would be an excellent thing to spritz on our masks to give them a wee refresh after wearing them.

The last item in my natural immunity travel kit this year is elderberry syrup. Now just because I listed this item last doesn’t mean it’s least important because it isn’t. In fact, elderberry syrup always seems to find its way onto my natural immunity lists!

While elderberry syrup is one of my favorite ways to support the immune system during cold and flu season, I use it in a very specific way. If you want to learn more about how elderberry works against viruses and exactly how I use it to get the best immune support, this blog post called Echiachea vs. Elderberry will tell you everything.

And while you can buy elderberry syrup from many reputable brands, you can also make your own and save money at the same time. Here’s a recipe for my Ultimate Immune-Boosting Elderberry Syrup — a family favorite recipe that I make every single year without fail.


While we’ll only be out of town for the weekend, having a natural immunity travel kit on hand can be very helpful. I mean, you never know when you’re going to need something and wish you had it on hand.

And while some of these things will be used more than others, they’re all wonderful products that can support the immune system and prevent an infection from taking hold. As Ben Franklin once said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” This natural immunity travel kit is my ounce of prevention!

Love and light,


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