How To Use Lemon Balm As A Natural Bee Sting Remedy

How To Use Lemon Balm As A Natural Bee Sting Remedy | | Unfortunately, bee stings are a part of summer, but lemon balm is here to help!

When it comes to a natural bee sting remedy, what herbs do you think of? I’m sure there are many, but the first one I’ve always thought of right off the bat is plantain… until recently that is.

Plantain is a great natural bee sting remedy, but I recently learned about lemon balm and it’s amazing ability to calm and comfort bug bites, including bee stings.

Although you may have your favorite natural bee sting remedy already, it never hurts to have another on standby. And you never know, maybe you’ll end up with a new favorite.

Today I wanna tell you a bit about lemon balm as well as how to use it if you or your little ones end up with any stings this year.

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