How To Stop Worrying About Your Child’s Exposure To Toxins During Chores

I’m all for parents giving their kids daily chores. Not only does it teach them to work hard, not be lazy, and to be a part of a team with a common goal, but it teaches them responsibility and how to do a good job maintaining something. It teaches them character, and if you ask me, we need more character in our world these days.

Although chores are a great way for kids to learn character, if you’re a mama who’s heard about the harmful effects that chemicals and toxins can have on your child’s body, you may worry about your child’s exposure to toxins during chores.

3 Ways Kids Are Exposed To Toxins During Chores

If you’re not already convinced that chemical cleaners should be ditched when it comes to letting your kids clean your home with them, let me bring up a few things for you to consider.

First of all, your kids will absorb a lot of those chemicals through their skin as they come into contact with the cleaners while they clean. Even if you have your kids where rubber gloves when they clean, the spray from the cleaner goes everywhere in tiny little droplets that land all over their skin… sitting there, ready to be absorbed.

The next thing to think about is that cleaners, once dried, leave behind films or residues on the surfaces they’re used on which means those chemicals can be absorbed into the skin again and again as your kids touch the things that have been cleaned. This can be when baby is playing on the floor or eating food directly off the table or when anyone is sitting on the toilet, taking a bath, or simply from touching the doorknobs when opening and closing the door.

Lastly, chemical cleaners stink, and when kids are cleaning with them, they are smelling their vapors. Sure, sure, some smell nice, but mama, that’s a synthetic fragrance that’s put in there to cover up the cleaners real smell, and it’s just as bad for your kids body as the chemicals. In fact, it’s a chemical too!

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So What’s A Mama To Do?

Seeing as how the majority of store-bought natural cleaning products these days are FULL of chemicals that are terrible for your child’s body, you may be wondering if it’s better to teach your kids responsibility and character in a different way that doesn’t involve any exposure to toxins. It’s either that or covering them with protective armor like rubber gloves, an apron, a face mask, and goggles, right?

Wrong. You can still teach your kids character without worrying about their exposure to toxins during chores.

Making The Switch To Natural Cleaners

Throwing out the store-bought chemicals cleaners and switching to natural cleaners is the way to go. This way you won’t have to worry about your child’s exposure to toxins during chores, but instead, can relax and focus on training good character in them.

These natural cleaners can be homemade or they can be purchased online or at natural health food stores.

If making your own homemade cleaners, be sure to keep it simple and not to overwhelm yourself with too many different kinds of cleaners. If you don’t have time to make your own cleaners and decide to buy natural cleaners instead, be sure to check out their ingredient labels. You wanna be sure you can pronounce everything and that you know what it’s for. Many times, green cleaners can contain toxins too.

To learn more about toxins and cleaning your home naturally via the posts below.

Do your kids have daily chores? If so, what do you do to protect them from exposure to toxins during chores? Have you made the switch to natural cleaners yet?

This post was underwritten by Aunt Fannie’s. All opinions are mine.


Aunt Fannie’s is a natural household supplies brand focused on providing simpler, more honest, less chemically processed products for home use. With its first product FlyPunch!, the only natural formula that attracts and kills fruit flies, Aunt Fannie’s is working to create safer, cleaner home environments. The hero of homegrown, Aunt Fannie’s groundbreaking FlyPunch! can be found in the produce sections of southern Whole Foods stores and online.

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