The Great Change: Managing Menopause With Grace

The Great Change: Managing Menopause With Grace | Growing Up Herbal | Menopause is a big deal. Your body takes on one of the biggest shifts it ever will, and you will come out on the other side a different person. However, with the right mindset, herbs, and lifestyle choices, you could come out better than ever.

As someone who is smack in the middle of her “childbearing” years, menopause is rarely something that crosses my mind. Puberty is almost a distant memory, and actually bearing a child is quite a ways away. So I go from cycle to cycle, perhaps taking it for granted, nearly always cursing it at some point.

But the truth of the matter is that one day this will change… and nature will decide that I’m no longer useful for producing children, and a sort of reverse puberty will begin. When I started speaking with older women who had gone through menopause, they all shared one sentiment. While each experience was different, they all shared a deep sadness that the very essence of their womanhood was coming to an end. Even those who did not have children felt a deep depression that the possibility would be no more.

To be honest, it sounds terrible. The hot flashes and mood swings and the loss of youth are all a bit melancholy. Yet there are so many wonderful, vibrant wise women who have made it to the other side and are thriving. And just like puberty, periods, and pregnancy, it’s all about how you approach the newest change in your journey through womanhood.

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