The Busyness of Life, Making Intentional Choices, and Living Life Brighter

The Busyness of Life, Making Intentional Choices, and Living Life Brighter | Growing Up Herbal | Life is busy and today, I'm sharing how I'm choosing to slow down, make intentional choices for myself and my family, and live life a little brighter!

So Much To Do… So Little Time.

I don’t know about you, but I’m super busy these days. There’s training four small boys, homeschooling, my online work, spending time with friends and family, church commitments, volunteer work, housekeeping, etc., etc., etc…. the list could go on. I feel like life is moving non-stop. The days blur by, and I have to constantly remind myself to slow down, take deep breaths, and enjoy each and every day because it will be gone before I know it. What then will I have to show for it?

Thankfully, the older I get, the more aware I am of myself… of what I think and what I feel… of the things that matter most in this life. More and more I’m choosing to live life brighter… to not be so overwhelmed by all my “to-dos”… to take care of myself and my children as naturally as possible… to invest in others and in myself as well.

How about you? What does staying so busy show you about yourself… about your life and how you ARE living it? Does it make you WANT to live life brighter, and if so, WHAT can you do to make small changes toward that goal?

Today I’d like to tell you about how I’m choosing to #LiveLifeBrighter and introduce you to an awesome new herbal supplement that I’m finding great value in as well! I know you’ll love it!

Making Intentional Choices

For me… I’m choosing to be intentional with my time.

You know how people pick words for themselves each year? Words to live by, I mean. I’ve never really done that before, but if I were to have chosen one for myself this year it would have been the word “intentional”.

Intentional means to do something on purpose… to be deliberate about it, and I want to live intentionally.

We all have a purpose… a calling, and that calling may change from one thing to another as we age. Right now my calling is my children. To raise them, teach them, train them, LOVE them, nourish them. This is the area I’m choosing to be intentional in. To make deliberate choices that better my children.

Some of those deliberate choices are to slow down and make more time for them, to stick to a routine that we all function best in, to make space for nothing because out of nothing creativity is sparked, to try to make learning interesting, to focus on family, to choose ‘from scratch’ over convenience, and more.

Not only am I trying to be intentional with my children, but I’m also trying to be intentional with myself.

Mama, you’re doing great things raising your children naturally, but you have to raise yourself naturally too. If you aren’t functioning at your best, you can’t possibly do the best for your children.

For me, intentional choices come in the form of planning and eating healthy, exercising, spending quality time with my man, enjoying God’s creation, crafting creative homemade products to keep as many toxins out of my home as possible, and learning how to use herbs for health and healing.

Would you like to make intentional choices in your everyday life? What would those choices be? How would they change your life for the better?

Today I want to invite you to join me in living life brighter every day. Join me in making intentional choices for yourself and your children.

How You Can Live Life Brighter Everyday

So how do you #LiveLifeBrighter? Don’t worry, simple changes make a world of difference. Join me – you can win great prizes just for participating!

I recently tried Gaia Herbs’ new TurmericBoost: Restore and TurmericBoost: Uplift, and mama, I’m impressed. I’m not a huge fan of supplements, but I am a huge fan of herbs and natural support for my body. TurmericBoost is just that. It’s a whole food herbal supplement that’s good for your body. Not only is it easy to use and tastes great, but it helps me nourish myself so that I can keep up with my busy lifestyle.

This past month, Gaia has been asking people to share how they live life brighter across their social media pages. They’ve encouraged people to try the TurmericBoost products and share how they’re using it each day as well as how it’s helping them.

About TurmericBoost

The Busyness of Life, Making Intentional Choices, and Living Life Brighter | Growing Up Herbal

TurmericBoost products are great for everyday use, and you have two versions to choose from- Restore and Uplift. Both options are based around the herb turmeric which is an amazing herb that supports a strong heart, optimal liver function, and a healthy inflammatory response.* You can learn more about turmeric here, including its herbal actions, internal and external uses, and recipes.

TurmericBoost: Restore is great for overall wellness as it combines turmeric with black pepper for better absorption and bio-availability, as well as holy basil to support the body’s response to stress, and a vanilla chai prebiotic blend that sweetens it and promotes a healthy gut.*

TurmericBoost: Uplift also contains turmeric and black pepper, along with herbs like lemon balm and gotu kola which help promote a peaceful, centered feeling as it works to balance the nervous system. It too contains the vanilla chai prebiotic blend for healthy intestinal flora.*

About Gaia

Gaia Herbs is an amazing herbal company that makes and sells its own herbal products. They’re committed to providing their customers with full transparency about the herbs they grow in order to assure them that their products are pure, organically grown, high-quality, and potent. I’ve been a Gaia customer for years now (in fact theirs were some of the first herbal products I ever purchased), and I’ve always been happy with what they have to offer.

How to Use TurmericBoost Supplements

TurmericBoost is a delicious and easy way to give your body the many benefits of turmeric. You can simply mix it into juice, or milk (you’ve heard of the benefits of turmeric milk, right?), or you can add it to smoothies (one of my favorite ways to take powdered herbs) as well as add it to raw food. The only thing you need to be mindful of is heat. Don’t heat it! Herbs are sensitive to temperature and if you want their full benefit keep them away from temperatures over 100 degrees.

Join the #LiveLifeBrighter Challenge & Enter To Win

The Busyness of Life, Making Intentional Choices, and Living Life Brighter | Growing Up Herbal

If you’re up for the live life brighter challenge, click here to get some TumericBoost for yourself or check your local health food store for it. If they don’t carry it yet, make a request for them to get some. (TurmericBoost is also available on Amazon.)

Next, use it! Gaia has a long list of recipes that feature TurmericBoost on their website. I’d encourage you to try these and find your favorites. Be sure to stop back by Growing Up Herbal next week as I’ll be sharing a recipe I created so my kids could eat it. It’s SO good, and I had NO complaints from any of them.

Lastly, snap a picture of your recipe or of you living life brighter in some way (TurmericBoost does NOT have to be part of your photo) and post in on your social media profiles using hashtag #livelifebrighter or visit Gaia’s Live Life Brighter Facebook page and enter there. Doing so will automatically enter you to win a grand prize pack featuring a Vitamix, a 6 month supply of TurmericBoost and packages from Life Factory, Sambazon and Barbara’s, or you could win any of the weekly giveaways Gaia is offering, which feature TurmericBoost and some of the latest products from Sambazon and Barbara’s.

So are you ready to live your life brighter every day? If so, join me, and try TurmericBoost for yourself!

gaia-logoThis post was underwritten by Gaia Herbs. All opinions are mine. Gaia Herbs offers pure, high quality, organically grown herbal supplements including their newest creation – TurmericBoost. Their products can be found on their website as well as local health food stores and Amazon. Connect with them on Facebook and learn more about how their whole herb supplements can help assist your body towards better health!

  1. Monica says:

    Meagan… This sounds wonderful,but I cannot handle black pepper.. What’s weird is that I can digest cayenne pepper instead.. Why? My other family members can take black pepper, but I cannot.. So different and am I weird? 🙂

    • Meagan says:

      Not weird at all Monica. It’s important to know what your body is sensitive too and find substitutions.

  2. Monica says:

    Thanks for reposting this I did miss this… We just had our Reunion and I’m really tired…disappointed…so much to fixed, GMO, I just want to walk away from this hassle…bad enough we are trying to fix our own individual life…
    I ‘ve been putting turmeric in our smoothies… I’m kind of obsess, using this everyday for our family, even the dogs…

  3. Kim says:

    Thanks for your inspiring words and for the tumeric recommendations! Do you know whether this would be safe to take while pregnant/breastfeeding? (I’m just BF right now not pg)

    • Meagan says:

      Yes, Kim… from the info I have it should not be used when pregnant, but I couldn’t find any contradictions for nursing. Hope that helps!

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