Happy Easter, Friends!

Happy Easter, Friends! | Growing Up Herbal | While I don’t have a family photo (hangs head in shame), I do have a quick Easter update for you!

[Meagan – shirt & sweater: TJ Max, jeans: American Eagle, shoes: JC Penny | Dean – dress shirt and pants: Old Navy, shoes: Rackroom Shoes, belt: Target, watch: Fossil]

You guys… Easter. One of the biggest holidays in the Christian church, and I let it go by without getting a family photo! Yes, I was simply too busy, and maybe a tad bit overwhelmed, to think about getting matching outfits for the kids and snapping that perfect family photo. Maybe next year I’ll do better. And yes, I had “bad mommy” thoughts running through my head for days afterwards.

I was so busy with all the goings on at our church (we had two services that day which is a big deal since we normally only have one), I was trying to remember what to bring to lunch and dinner at my mother-in-law and mom’s house, and then I was focused on finding something to wear myself for Easter that wasn’t black. Yes, I do love wearing black clothes.

Anyway, Dean stayed home with the boys on Saturday, working on our kitchen (remember the kitchen remodel I’ve been telling you about in my Letters To Natural Mamas emails), while I went in search of something to wear for Easter. I didn’t want a dress this year so I chose a nice floral top with a sweater-like cardigan to cover it. I needed to buy Dean some new pants that were a bit tighter because, well, style for one, but mainly because I like seeing his long legs in tighter pants. Umm. Okay, where was I. Oh, yeah. Easter.

We spent Easter morning at church, which was so encouraging and uplifting. Afterward, we had lunch at Dean’s parent’s house (a Sunday tradition). We ate healthy food, the adults chatted over coffee, and the kids played outside. Later that evening, we went to my parent’s house for dinner, Easter baskets, and some egg hunts outside.

Overall, it was a lovely day — one that I’m so grateful for! (And maybe I’ll do better at getting a family photo on Mother’s Day!!)

Thanks for reading, friends!

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