DIY Wildcrafted Spring Salad Mix

Spring is here and so are the spring greens!

Spring greens like dandelion and chicory leaves, purple dead nettle, chickweed, and violets are all alterative herbs that help to gently cleanse the body of “winter weight” as I call it.

Today I want to share how to incorporate spring greens into a wildcrafted spring salad mix. It’s so easy, and chances are, you can find these herbs growing right outside your front door!

3 Steps To Making A Wildcrafted Spring Salad Mix

Wildcraft Your Spring Greens

Head out into your yard and look around to find some of the herbs mentioned above. Be sure you’re properly identified each plant before gathering and using it!

When choosing dandelion or chicory leaves, look for the small ones as they will have a less bitter flavor. Pinch each leaf off at the stalk, just below where the leaf begins. The same goes for violets. Grab as many leaves as you can and don’t forget to collect some flowers too! When it comes to purple dead nettle, you really only want to top leaves that are small and flexible. The lower leaves can be tough and not so pleasant to eat. For chickweed, take it by the handful and use your scissors to cut it off an inch or two above the ground.

person holding basket foraging for spring greens

person picking violet flowers

wildcrafted spring greens in basket

Wash & Chop Your Greens

Next, rinse your greens with clean water to remove any dirt or bug residue. Shake well to remove excess water before placing the greens on a dishtowel and gently patting dry.

At this point, you’ll want to pick the leaves off of the upper portion of the purple dead nettle and set them aside in a small bowl. Many people prefer to pick the leaves off of the chickweed too, but I just chop the whole plant and put it in my salads to save time.

spring greens on drying towel

Combine Your Wildcrafted Spring Salad Mix

I like to start with mixed salad greens as the base of my salad. You can purchase organic mixed salad greens from the grocery store, or you can gather them from your vegetable garden.

Next, I like to portion my wildcrafted spring salad mix as follows:

  • 60% organic spring salad mix
  • 10% chopped chickweed
  • 10% violet leaves
  • 10% dandelion or chicory leaves
  • 5% purple dead nettle leaves
  • 5% violet flowers

wildcrafted spring salad mix in bowl

wildcrafted spring salad mix in bowl

And that’s it. It’s that simple to make a wildcrafted spring salad mix. Feel free to add vegetables, eggs, meat, nuts, or dried fruit to your salad, toss well, and top with a homemade dressing of your choice! Pair it with a side of sweet and sour carrot salad, and you have a light and nutritious spring meal!

Enjoy, and happy spring, friends!

Love and light,

  1. Alan Bergo says:

    A good salad blend. Other good additions you’ll find in common yards are creeping bellflower, violet greens, pellitory, wood sorrel, and bitter greens like bittercress. Lately I’ve been adding white campion leaves, toothwort, and spring beauty or miners lettuce too.

    • Meagan Visser says:

      Interesting! I’ll have to look into some of these that I’m not familiar with and see if I have any in my yard. Thanks for sharing!!

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