An Easy DIY Tooth Oil for Kids & Adults

An Easy DIY Tooth Oil for Kids & Adults | Growing Up Herbal | Keep your family's teeth clean and healthy without spending tons of time making homemade toothpastes. This DIY tooth oil is the answer for busy moms.

I’ve made my fair share of homemade toothpaste over the past several years, but let me be honest… it takes time, and that’s something I don’t always have a lot of. At some point, it never fails that we have no toothpaste in the house, and I end up ordering natural toothpaste online which costs WAY more that it does to make. Yes, I could do better at planning ahead, but hello… this is real life! I can’t do it all!

Now, when it comes to homemade toothpaste, this coconut oil version is super simple, but my kids love this remineralizing version most (because it’s squeezable).

However, when I’m crunched for time, I prefer to make a DIY tooth oil because it’s so much faster, and it works well. You see, tooth oil is as simple as diluting essential oils in a carrier oil, putting a few drops on your brush, and brushing away. Now, before I share some DIY tooth oil recipes with you, let’s talk about teeth health… one of my favorite topics!

Keeping Teeth Naturally Healthy

When it comes to keeping teeth healthy, two things matter.

  1. Diet
  2. Hygiene

First of all, a nutritious, gut-friendly diet full of vitamins and minerals with minimal sugar and grains is key. This is your best chance of having the proper mineral content in your body, and that, my friend, is key to strong teeth and bones. However, if you’re going to be eating grains, the best thing you can do is to make sure they’re properly prepared (soaked or sprouted).

Next, hygiene is important. Cavities and gum issues are caused by bacteria in the mouth and weak teeth. Teeth will be stronger and better able to resist bacteria with a healthy diet, but you still need to clean your teeth to remove bacteria as much as possible. This is done through brushing.

“But what about toothpaste??”

Toothpaste really only serves to remove debris and lightly polish teeth. Sometimes it can be used to kill bacteria, depending on what’s in it. Since I’m not a fan of the chemicals in store-bought toothpaste (and I don’t care for brushing with baking soda alone), homemade toothpaste and tooth oil are great replacements. These, along with a good toothbrush, are enough to clean teeth and remove bacteria.

So on to the tooth oil recipe in case you, like me, need a “quick-fix” option from time to time.

DIY tooth oil can be made using a variety of essential oils, and these will vary based on your kid’s age. Now, I don’t recommend using tooth oil with essential oils on small kids who don’t spit when brushing their teeth, but for older kids and adults, a 2% dilution is totally appropriate for use in a small area (like the mouth).

DIY Tooth Oil for Kids

Makes a 30 mL bottle of tooth oil


  • 1-ounce sweet almond oil
  • 18 drops of age-appropriate essential oils (2% dilution)

Directions for a 2% dilution:

  1. Combine carrier and essential oils in a 30 mL bottle.
  2. Roll between palms for 2 minutes to mix well.
  3. Label and store next to toothbrush.

To Use:

  • 2-5 years old: 1-2 drops 
  • 5+ years: 3-4 drops

Age appropriate essential oils:

DIY Tooth Oil for Adults

Makes a 30 mL bottle of tooth oil


  • 1-ounce sweet almond oil
  • 18 drops of an anti-microbial essential oil blend (2% dilution)

Directions for a 2% dilution:

  1. Combine carrier and essential oils in a 30 mL bottle.
  2. Roll between palms for 2 minutes to mix well.
  3. Label and store next to toothbrush.

To Use:

Place 3 drops on your toothbrush and brush away!

Anti-microbial essential oil blends:

(Essential oils recommended below are sourced from aromatherapist Valerie Worwood’s book, Aromatherapy for the Healthy Child. Check out my review of it here!)

So there you go, mama. Two of the easiest natural toothpaste alternatives you’ll ever make!

So tell me… do you have a favorite natural toothpaste to use when you’re pressed for time?

4 thoughts on “An Easy DIY Tooth Oil for Kids & Adults”

  1. The Alkaline Room

    Hi Meagan,
    Great post.. I love the effect of oil on my teeth especially the whitening effect. I started using the oil pulling method to restore my “teeth glow” and I am glad it works all the time.
    I am excited to this post about making tooth paste out of essential oils , which i can add to my oil pulling routine.
    Thank you

    1. I’ve heard great things about oil pulling, and I’ve even tried it a few times. Unfortunately, it’s not something I’ve stuck with for an extended period of time, but maybe one day I’ll be more consistent with it. We’ll see. Thanks for your comment!

  2. Thanks for this! I will be adding it to my teeth brushing routine for sure. Just a question – sweet almond oil is not readily available here (Argentina). Any chance that another type of oil would work just as well? Many thanks.

    1. Sure thing, Rebecca. Any carrier oil that is light and doesn’t have a strong odor or flavor should work just fine. Fractionated coconut oil would be another great choice.

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