How To Gain Confidence In Caring For Your Family Naturally

How To Gain Confidence In Caring For Your Family Naturally | Growing Up Herbal | Today we're sharing how you can gain confidence in caring for your family naturally because when it comes to natural living and raising kids, there's plenty of doubt to go around!

Sometimes, making healthy choices for our children can be hard. Friends and relatives may think our children are deprived when we don’t provide them with junk foods. They may not understand or support the decision to choose alternative remedies over modern medical treatments. You can however, gain confidence in caring for your family naturally, despite the critics, and today, I’ll explain how.

The Dangers Of Choosing Modern Medicine

Let me start off by saying that although 99% of the time we use holistic, natural remedies, I’m not opposed to modern medicine. If I ever need surgery, I will be more than happy to have anesthesia for the procedure. If my family is in a car accident, we’re going to the hospital. For the everyday ailments, and even the chronic ones, though, modern medicine doesn’t have the best track record.

For over 20 years the Office of Technology Assessment was authorized by Congress to collect and report on data, including health care. Among many of their negative critiques of the health care system, was that “only 10-20% of all procedures used in medical practice have been shown to be efficacious by controlled trial” The government’s response? They disbanded the agency. (source)

Even common childhood medicines like Tylenol are known to cause severe liver problems. Recently a manufacturer for infant and children’s Tylenol pleaded guilty to the criminal charges that they continued to sell “over the counter infant’s and children’s liquid medicine containing metal particles,” months after they discovered the problem (source).

Deaths caused by doctors and conventional medical treatments (iatrogenic deaths) account for nearly 800,000 deaths every year and is the leading cause of death in the US. With only an estimated 5-20% of iatrogenic deaths reported as such, that number could be as high as 15.6 million (source)

Herbal medicine, when used improperly, can cause adverse events too. This case study found that in a 1 year period, 1,446 adverse events to dietary supplements were reported to poison control. A total of 14 people died. That is 14 compared to a possible 15.6 million. (source

Even if you don’t give quite the right dose of an herb, or the exact herb needed, it’s typically far less toxic to your child’s body than even a “safe” dose of OTC or prescription medications.

How To Gain Confidence In Caring For Your Family Naturally | Growing Up Herbal | Today we're sharing how you can gain confidence in caring for your family naturally because when it comes to natural living and raising kids, there's plenty of doubt to go around!

Gain Confidence In Caring For Your Family Naturally By Finding A Support System

Despite knowing that alternative remedies are much safer, you can feel isolated if you’re the only one from your friends and family that uses them. In order to gain confidence in caring for your family naturally, it’s important to find a support system. Find a qualified holistic practitioner in your area. You can also find like-minded people to connect with at local co-ops, famers markets or even through social media groups.

Our Responsibility As Mamas

As a nanny, I’ve seen dozens of children damaged by antibiotics, vaccines, and typical American food choices. One mother I worked with, knew that her preemie babies should have their vaccines delayed and preferably spaced out because of their immature systems and their severe immune issues. She was too intimidated by her Dr. to speak up and instead, let him make decisions for her babies she felt were wrong.

I very much believe that children are a gift and a blessing. Yes, even when they break 3 eggs on the carpet or wake you up at 5 am. As parents, they’re not only our joy but our responsibility to keep safe and nurture. I want to provide my son with the safest and most effective care possible, and for us, that means herbal remedies.

How To Gain Confidence In Caring For Your Family Naturally | Growing Up Herbal | Today we're sharing how you can gain confidence in caring for your family naturally because when it comes to natural living and raising kids, there's plenty of doubt to go around!

Isn’t Treating Your Family Risky?

I don’t see myself as experimenting with my son’s life by using alternative methods, but rather that I’m making healthier choices for him. Even a Dr. PRACTICES medicine. The medical field is constantly evolving, while herbal remedies have been passed down for centuries. Coronary bypass surgery was performed for over 20 years before there was even a single clinical trial done to see if it was effective. (source)

Narrowing Your Scope

With all of the possible holistic remedies available, it can be intimidating. Decide what top health issues you’d most like to address with your family, and focus on learning about these. If your children are constantly getting colds, then research ways to build immunity and how to treat common cold symptoms. If your son has allergies, then focus on learning more about gut health, probiotics, and other remedies to help heal. You don’t have to know everything about herbal medicine to get your feet wet.

Some of my favorite reference books for natural remedies and herbal medicine include the following:

How To Gain Confidence In Caring For Your Family Naturally | Growing Up Herbal | Today we're sharing how you can gain confidence in caring for your family naturally because when it comes to natural living and raising kids, there's plenty of doubt to go around!

Call In The Professionals

While self-study is always important, it can also be beneficial to take a course on natural health. There are so many out there, but the Herbal Academy is one very good one. The Herbal Academy offers both beginner, intermediate, and advanced herbal courses.

Meagan is taking the intermediate course and has been very pleased with the coursework and the instructors at the Herbal Academy. You can read more about her experiences here, or check out HA’s courses for yourself here. I haven’t taken any courses with them myself, however, I plan to once I finish some other herbal classes I’m taking at Vintage Remedies.

Vintage Remedies is also another good program that you can read more about here. I like that they stress evidence-based information, however, I like to glean from more traditional sources as well to round out my herbal education. The company’s goal is to provide students with evidence-based material to confidently and safely treat their families, not use them as herbal guinea pigs.

They offer many different courses, some short and some extensive, depending on what you’re interested in learning. Specifically, I’m enrolled in their Botanical Pediatrics course, which is the perfect choice for any holistic minded mama. You can read more about Vintage Remedies here.

One of the best things I can do for my family though is to pray for them. Pray for their health and strength, and pray for the wisdom and support I need to help them through whatever comes along.

Now it’s your turn to talk. What gives you confidence in treating your family with natural remedies?


  1. Tamara says:

    Wow! I am so glad I took a breath to sit down and read my emails today. After 5 days with my oldest home from school fighting a fever, raging sore throat and headache my feelings mirror the letter from Katherine 100%! Thank you both for taking the time to write and respond! It is so nice to not feel so alone!

  2. Monica says:

    What made me turn to natural remedies? Experience…let me ask you all a question, how do you feed your family? Are you concentrating on their immune system? Being a mother is a huge job and I realize that when I had a son.. Doctors do not know all the answers..They are not there 24 hours of the day with each child like us mothers are.. We know so much more today about our food and medicine, so this is what God gave us in the first place ,it states in the bible.. Until man mess with drugs.. I am not saying all medicine that the doctors gives are wrong, some are very correct.. So what am I saying? How do one proceeds for making the correct decision? Very hard for mothers now and I’m so sorry we have to deal with tough decisions…but if you want to be ahead of all of this as a mother, one must keep each child immune system strong. Yep, every child is different, what works for one might not work for the other…yes we mothers are doctors in the sense of taking care of that little one. So what the answer? Meagan has been working hard along with others, like Jamie. Mothers must band together and help each other when one is in distress..prayers never forget to pray for each other, that’s loving your neighbors..no matter how far one are.. Trust, that God will pull you out of this hardship. Thank you for taking the time to read this, these are my experience, that I’ll never forget only wish Meagan and the others were there for me…

  3. Monica says:

    Today I made two batches of vinegar and the four thieves which on sale this month from bulk herb store..I too had bug spray (deet) at me while picking apples for sauce. Bugs were all around my youngest sister and I.. I about flipped when she started spraying near by me.. So I made the 4 thieves vinegar and ask her to tried this because the spray she was using was toxic for her health.I continue to tell her to use on her animals, by the way she lived on a mini farm…I got her to grow heirlooms vegetables….slowly all of us has to make choices and decisions on what to do in our lives…slowly we are making progress…
    Meagan , you have your hands full, I’ll be honest with you, no way I can do what you do.. I too hate fleas and they bite me like crazy and my little dogs.. So far, knock on wood, we don’t have the fleas.. I am a freak to cont spray my house with essential oils in distilled water…made bug spray and last result especially out mowing I spray myself with the vinegar of four thieves. Pennsylvania, really have bugs that are nasty this year..by my back door I have sweet basil ,eucalyptus, and citronella plant growing. Bugs hate these plants and I’m seeing they are not entering my home..progress!
    Before I spray vinegar of four thieves on my skin, I make sure I have my herb salve we made on first, so my skin is not irritating, yes I have sensitive skin.
    Don’t beat yourself up by going the toxic way just make sure your lungs and body are covered. Doing things naturally take patience, time, and understanding ,but they will work.. Don’t be discouraged..They do work and never give up, I am here for all of you, my prayers are being said for you young mothers.. Keep in touch, may the Lord Bless your days. Monica

    • Meagan says:

      Thanks for your encouragement Monica! I love that the Vinegar of the Four Theives bug spray is working so well for you!

      • Monica says:

        Seriously, I’m thinking of using more of a scent on the vinegar of four thieves.. My son hates the smell if I spray his office to keeps the bugs down, brought in by customers.. He loves the cinnamon smell, whether that would help or not.. Maybe just spraying at nights, the vinegar smell would be gone in the morning.. I’ll have to try it..now I do worried about using it on little people…it said to dilute the mix, before spraying on if needed..that why I would use the natural bug spray, put together with essential oils and rub each child , myself or animals… I don’t want to take care of anymore animals other than what I got (meaning the fleas).. 🙂 I’m always checking my babies, underneath their fur fur..

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