Comfrey Controversy: Can and Should One Use Comfrey Internally

Comfrey Controversy: Can and Should One Use Comfrey Internally | Growing Up Herbal | Should you use comfrey internally? This article will explore the benefits, traditional uses, and safety of comfrey to answer this commonly debated question.

Can and should one use comfrey (Symphytum spp.) internally? 

This is a question that herbalists have been debating since safety concerns were first brought to light regarding the potentially negative health effects associated with using comfrey internally.

While many herbalists have used comfrey internally for years with no known problems, others are heeding the warnings that stem from the conclusions of modern scientific studies on the internal use of comfrey.

This week, I’m over on the Herbal Academy blog with an article about the benefits of comfrey and its traditional uses, its constituents and their physiological effects in the body, how comfrey is typically used internally and externally, and the safety facts that herbalists need to be aware of when using comfrey.

CLICK HERE to read the full article on the Herbal Academy blog.

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