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Have you met my man? This is the two of us this past year on Memorial Day. Dean is the best husband and friend. He’s a great father and a huge support to me and what I want to do. He keeps me going when the going gets tough. The other day, as I was […]

Yes… clove essential oil is known to be one of the best oils for teeth, and today I’m gonna tell you why, what it does, and how to use it. Clove oil is from the clove plant (Syzgium Aromaticum), and its primary component is known as eugenol. It’s been traditionally used as a pain reliever for […]

The Best Essential Oil for Teeth | GrowingUpHerbal.com | This is one of the best EOs for mouths. From pain relief to decreasing bacteria, find out more here!

When you decide to take a stance on something people are going to want to know why… especially if your stance differs from the mainstream choice or is controversial. This is especially true when you decide to opt out of using fluoride in your family, but how do you tell your dentist “no” to fluoride […]

Saying No To Fluoride? How To Tell Your Dentist | Growing Up Herbal | Feel confident and comfortable telling your dentist you're opting out of fluoride treatments.

So you’ve decided to skip using fluoride with your kiddos because of its toxic effects on the body. Good for you, mama! Perhaps you feel good about that decision, but up until this point, you’ve been relying on fluoride to strengthen your child’s teeth and prevent cavities from forming. So, where do you go from […]

How To Keep Your Kids Teeth Clean & Healthy Without Fluoride | Growing Up Herbal | Learn how you can keep your kids teeth clean and healthy WITHOUT fluoride.

Did you know that, as of 2011, the US was one of 11 countries that added fluoride to the majority of the drinking water they offer to the public? Eleven countries. Eleven of the 196 countries in the world today, 105 of which are considered “developed countries.” Eleven. Thankfully, that number is decreasing. In 2013, […]

Don’t you think it would be nice to manage ailments at home using herbs before the need for prescription antibiotics arises? Not only would this help cut down on the overuse of antibiotics, but it would benefit the overall health of your body as well. If you agree, then let me tell you about how to […]

How To Make Your Own Herbal Antibiotics At Home | Growing Up Herbal | Want to learn how to make your own "herbal antibiotics" at home using antimicrobial herbs? Here's how!

Are you interested in learning how to use plants to support your health in as natural a way as possible — plants that grow in your backyard or in the forest behind your home or can be found in the local herb shop? If so, here's how you can become an herbalist!

How to Become
An Herbalist

Looking for books, recommended courses and workshops, and my must-have herbal supplies. You've got it. I'm dishing out all my favorite herbal resources with you!

My Favorite Resources for the Home Herbalist

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How To Make Your Own Herbal Antibiotics At Home | Growing Up Herbal | Want to learn how to make your own "herbal antibiotics" at home using antimicrobial herbs? Here's how!

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