6 Easy Ways to Enjoy Winter

6 Easy Ways to Enjoy Winter  | Growing Up Herbal | The last days of February can feel like such a drag, but here are six easy ways to enjoy winter, or what's left of it!

February can feel never-ending, making it hard to enjoy winter at this point in the season — at least here in East Tennessee. While this month is home to Imbolc — the symbolic festival marking the transition from winter to spring, it’s still freezing cold, either raining or snowing, overcast and grey, and much of the world is taking its sweet time waking up after its long winter rest.

Because I’ve come to find value in following the rhythms God has set in place through nature, I try to remind myself that it’s okay to spend the last days of winter bundled up, spend more time indoors, exert less energy, and do the things that bring me joy.  I mean, just because we’ve crossed a threshold to spring doesn’t mean we immediately shift gears where our energy is concerned. Correct? 

Okay, so I’ve been thinking about this quite a bit, and I’ve come up with 6 easy ways you can enjoy winter during these last days of February. If you, like me, need some extras to look forward to this month, I hope you find this list helpful.

6 Easy Ways to Enjoy Winter This Year

  • Read a fun, exciting novel – a real page-turner!
  • Take more herb-infused baths – literally, toss some bright colored herbal flowers in a bath and soak in them.
  • Bake a cake from scratch – or anything from the Great British Baking Show that inspires you.
  • Binge-watch Sweet Magnolias or Virgin River – or both of them!
  • Plan a day out with a few friends. Do something special and out of the ordinary.
  • Try your hand at one of these winter herbal crafts.

Hopefully, one or more of these ideas resonates with you, and you will give them a try this month. I guarantee you they will help you to enjoy winter a bit more during these last days of February!

And if you’re looking to boost your spirits even more during the last days of winter, you can read this post on the Magic of Winter as well!

Love and light,

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