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Playful Tour Giveaway

This month the Playful Learning Ecademy is on tour across blogs around the world, searching for kids and adults of all ages to get creative and show off how they play right where they are.

Follow along with the tour (see below) and join in to build leadership skills, awaken creativity, and inspire a love of discovery while meeting new friends by searching and sharing the #PlayfulTour tag on Instagram or Twitter!

What is the Playful Learning Ecademy all about?

PlayfulLearning.net is an amazing resource for parents who want to instill lifelong learning in their children! Seriously… it’s AMAZING!

I’m so impressed by this site… maybe because I’m a homeschool mom that’s always looking for awesomely fun resources that I can use to teach my guys and at the same time make it fun so they enjoy the learning process. This site does just that. They have tons of free info that is broken up into seasons and subjects, plus they have their new e-courses for kids where kids can learn all sorts of great information on a variety of topics.

Currently there are four e-courses available on things like making playful learning spaces, how to be a peacemaker with others, how to be kind, and how to start a writer’s notebook. Later this month, two more e-courses will be added (which I’m super stoked to dig into with my littles) on backyard science investigations and colors of the rainbow… a healthy cooking course! These eLessons engage the heart and minds of children to explore both inside themselves and the world around them.

You can print off this Playful Learning Passport for your kids and give them a new stamp on their passport each time they complete a new course. Get started by helping your child get their first passport stamp below for free!

If you’d like to get a sneak peek at what these e-courses are like, Playful Learning is opening up one of their e-lessons for FREE to everyone… just so you can try it out and see what you think. The e-course is called “No More Put Downs” and it’s all about teaching your kids about respect in families!

CLICK HERE to get your free access! Just use discount code “WORLDPEACE” at checkout for your 100% discount!

Follow along with the Tour

Everyday, bloggers from around the world will be sharing about what play looks like to their kids and/or about how their kids like the Playful Learning E-courses. If you’re interested, be sure to check them out! They’re linked up below. Be sure to bookmark this post so you can check back everyday to see which blog the tour is stopping at and take a quick visit to check it out.

August 1st: Playful Tour Kick Off

August 2nd: Oh My Handmade, Canada

August 5th: My Organized Chaos, Japan

August 6th: Childhood 101, Australia

August 7th: Mindful Parenting, Australia

August 8th: Pickle Bums, Australia

August 9th: TrashN2Tees, USA

August 12th: Simple Kids, USA

August 13th: Mee A Bee, Japan

August 14th: A Happy Adventure, NZ/China

August 15th: Story of Mum, UK

August 16th: Poppy Haus, USA

August 19th: Kid World Citizen, USA

August 20th: Salsa Pie, USA

August 21st: Everything Mom & Baby, Canada

August 22nd: Simple As That, USA and An Everyday Story, Australia

August 23rd: Made By Joey, Canada

August 26th: Growing Up Herbal, USA

August 27th: All Done Monkey, USA

August 28th: Thirteen Red Shoes, USA

August 29th: The Tiny Twig, USA/Africa

August 30th: Swoon, USA and Satsuma Press, USA

Win A Scholarship To The Playful Leaning Ecadamy

Now it’s your turn to get a little something. I love coming up with things to give you because it’s a way for me to say “Thank You” for being such a loyal GUH reader. I love hearing your success stories on how you take care of your children naturally as well as getting to know you at the same time. But, this month, I’ve not only got a little something for you… I’ve got a little something for your kiddos too!

Because you’re a Growing Up Herbal reader, PlayfulLearning.net is going to give one reader a scholarship to the Playful Learning Ecademy so they and their kids can have full access to 5 of the e-courses they offer… including the new ones coming out this month! How awesome is that??!!

How To Enter To Win

All you have to do is enter into the Rafflecopter form below. There’s one entry that is a one-time entry, and if you really want some extra chances of winning, there are some daily entries you can get as well.

This giveaway will run for 3 weeks… starting today and ending on August 24th at 12 AM.

One winner will be drawn at random on August 24th. If you really want to win you’ll want to have as many entries as possible. Each entry is like putting your name in the hat again. The number of times depends upon how much the entries count for. The more times your name is in the hat, the better chance you have of winning. Make sense?

The winner’s name will be announced in the Rafflecopter form below on August 26th, in a blog post, as well as on Facebook and via an email newsletter. The winner will have 72 hours to contact me with their name and email address to claim their prize.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Best of luck!!

Blessings, Meagan

  1. Ksenia sanchez says:

    Sounds lots of fun

  2. Jill's Home Remedies says:

    Backyard Science Investigations looks fun!

  3. Rachel says:

    The Playful Learning Spaces class sound great! They all look so good!

  4. JBull says:

    Super excited about the Writer’s Journal! My boy got into writing last year, after struggling the year before. As we are writers in our home, we try to set a good example by writing; however, this would give him ownership of his own.

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