How To Make Vegan Herbal Syrups

How To Make Vegan Herbal Syrup | Growing Up Herbal | If you’re a vegan and are interested in making vegan herbal syrups, you’ll find several alternatives to honey detailed in this article.

Herbal syrups are a common herbal preparation. Not only are they easy to make and tasty to use, but they require minimal ingredients that can be found in most homes. Other than herbs, all that’s needed to make herbal syrups are water and some form of sweetener. Many herbalists prefer to use raw honey to sweeten their syrups, not only because it has a great flavor but because it adds its own health benefits to the syrup.

But what about herbalists who are vegan or those who choose not to use animal products? What do they use to make vegan herbal syrups?

Many vegans consider any product that comes from a bee to be off limits. When it comes to making homemade herbal syrups in which honey is commonly used, many vegans are looking for an alternative — a honey substitute.

If you’re a vegan and you’re interested in making vegan herbal syrups, join me over at the Herbal Academy blog where I’m sharing several alternatives to honey when making herbal syrups in my newest article.

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