Natural Remedies For Coughs From Around The Web

Natural Remedies For Coughs From Around The Web | Growing Up Herbal | Enjoy these great cough remedies from bloggers around the web!

Today I’m sharing some of the best natural remedies for coughs out there on the web. Below you’ll find links to the recipes and the fabulous blogs that host them.


Cough Syrups

Chocolate Herbal Cough Syrup via Growing Up Herbal

Lemon Garlic Cough Syrup via Gwen’s Nest

Ginger Cayenne Cough Syrup via Good Food Matters

Echinacea Licorice Cough Syrup via Frugally Sustainable

Wild Cherry Valerian Cough Syrup via Annie’s Remedies

Mint-licious Herbal Cough Syrup via Growing Up Herbal

Mullein Thyme Cough Syrup via Whispering Earth

Cough Drops

Horehound Cough Drops via The Family Homestead

Cough Drop Lollipops via The Pistachio Project

Peppermint, Sage, Thyme Cough Drops via 5 Orange Potatoes

Cough Teas

3 Herbal Teas For Coughing via Livestrong

Cough Relief Herbal Tea via Local Harvest

Cough Tea via Bulk Herb Store

Natural Cough Control Tea via Whole Living

Elecampane Cough Tea via Learning Herbs

Yay for DIY, at-home remedies to take care of our families and our health. Here’s to soothing coughs in my home and yours!

Did I miss a great remedy? Let me know what it is in the comments below!

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