Ready, Get Set… Treating Fevers Naturally Relaunch Is Almost Here!

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If you heard about a digital guide that could teach you how to treat your child’s next fever naturally, without medication or a doctors visit, would you be interested in learning more about it?

Well, you are in luck because my first “official” digital guide is relaunching next week, January 20th – 24th, and I’m inviting you to join me for the big event!

Treating Fevers Naturally: A Parent’s Guide To Keeping Their Cool While Managing Fevers In Children Naturally

I put my guide up on Growing Up Herbal and in my Etsy shop in fall of 2013 in a very quiet, uneventful way. It had already been written for over a year so I wanted to get it out there, but I wasn’t ready to launch it big time due to a lot going on in life… like moving into a new house and being so very tired early on in my pregnancy!

But, now that the new year is here, we’re moved, I’m in my second trimester, and I’ve planned out 2014 for Growing Up Herbal, I’m ready to show off this new guide and really put it out there in a much bigger way than I did before. And this time… I have a great team working with me to help promote this book!

Let me tell you what’s new with it and what to expect next week. It’s gonna be great! Just sayin’!

What’s New

Since I’m relaunching my guide I decided to update it with a bit of new information I’d found and add another very useful remedy to the recipe section. I also had a new cover designed as well as fun promotional graphics, I updated the sales page and affiliate pages, and I had it formatted for Kindle so I could put it on Amazon.

The Big Event

Like I said, I’m launching this baby next week, and I’ve got some fun things planned for you.

Not only is there a big giveaway going on next week where you can win a free copy of Treating Fevers Naturally along with a slew of natural fever aids, but I’m answering my most frequently asked questions about the book so you know all about it before you ever click “BUY NOW”.

I’ve also partnered with 4 bloggers (some of my favorites) to help me with this launch. I’ll be sharing natural fever tips and remedy recipes with Mommypotamus, Mama Natural, Wellness Mama, and Modern Alternative Mama next week. I’m so grateful they’re joining me in promoting my new guide. It means so much as these ladies are some of my mama blogger heros!! Now don’t worry, I’ll be posting excerpts from my guest posts with them right here on Growing Up Herbal so you won’t miss a thing.

I’ll also be talking all about fevers, the new guide, uses for the products available in the big giveaway, and about embracing your expertise on the Growing Up Herbal Facebook page next week as well.

Don’t Miss A Thing

There’s a lot going on, so be sure you sign up to receive my Letters To Natural Mamas that way you don’t miss out. Oh yeah, I’d highly recommend subscribing to Growing Up Herbal blog posts too. That way you don’t have to remember to check out what’s on the blog each day. If something is new, it will come to you! How convenient is that?!!

Are you excited about my new and improved guide? If so, be sure to spread the word about it by sharing it on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter!

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