One of the Big Kids

One of the Big Kids | Growing Up Herbal | Judah has joined the ranks of one of the

Hey, friends! How are you? It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything here on the blog—not because I haven’t wanted to (I have tons of posts in draft form) but because the last couple of weeks have been crazy busy, and I simply haven’t gotten around to writing anything here. Thankfully, things are beginning to settle down a bit, and I’ve found some time to share some recent things with you—most recently, how Judah has joined the ranks of one of the “big kids” on Dean’s side of the family.

Judah is the fourth oldest of all of the grandkids on the Visser side of the family, and for the past couple years, the two oldest boy cousins have been asked to help the men any time a work project of sorts was underway. Judah, being 8-10 years old, still preferred to play with his cousins and wasn’t really ready for that sort of thing—until now.

A couple of weeks ago, Pop-pop (Dean’s dad) mentioned needing help from the big kids to put together a couple of go-karts he and Mum-mum had bought for the cousins this summer. I mentioned that Judah would probably love to help with that project because he really enjoys building things, and he said it would be great to have his help. So this past Easter Sunday, the oldest cousins along with Pop-pop and their dads headed over to the shop to put these go-karts together.

One of the Big Kids | Growing Up Herbal | Judah has joined the ranks of one of the

One of the Big Kids | Growing Up Herbal | Judah has joined the ranks of one of the

One of the Big Kids | Growing Up Herbal | Judah has joined the ranks of one of the

Judah had a blast, and they all did such a great job working together (under the guidance of the adults—just to be sure the go-karts are correctly put together!) to build the go-karts so they and their younger siblings and cousins can have some extra fun at Mum-mum and Pop-pop’s house on Sunday afternoons this summer.

Judah will be 11 next month, and I can tell you—time has flown. It feels like it was just yesterday that I was pregnant with him and so excited to become a mom! You can read about his birth story here if you’re interested. 

This summer’s big project here at home is finishing the treehouse. Last fall, the boys helped Dean do a lot of the building, but this summer, there’s a lot more work to be done. I definitely plan to share a post about the whole process when it’s finished, but until then, I’ll be sharing little updates on Instagram!

Happy April, friends!

  1. Raia Todd says:

    It’s crazy how fast time flies! My oldest just turned 12 and I about had a breakdown. Haha.

  2. Monica says:

    My goodness he just going to be just a fine mechanics. Didn’t you tell Judah to slow down in his growing spurts? I bet you did, like all of us mothers do to their own. Wonderful story! I love how mum-mum and pop-pop had this great ideas for the go-karts. So lucky to have them..

    • Meagan Visser says:

      Mum-mum and pop-pop are VERY good to all their grandkids! And yes, I tell him he’s growing too fast all the time! LOL!

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