New E-Book: Feed Your Fertility by Emily Bartlett and Laura Erlich


It hurts. That void you feel when you see a small baby snuggling in his mothers arms.

It HURTS. Those jealous twinges you feel when you see a mama’s swollen belly full of new life inside.

IT HURTS. The thoughts you have of missing out on something magical when you see a family playing together in the park.

Infertility HURTS.

If you are experiencing infertility, you may be hurting, but you are not helpless. You have options. There are choices that you make on a daily basis that can impact and affect your fertility such as the toxins you expose your body to, the foods you eat, and the supplements you nourish your body with.

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Feed Your Fertility: The E-Book

From delicious real food meals to ancient Chinese plant medicine, Feed Your Fertility will teach you:

  • about your natural cycle
  • how to boost fertility with healthy, real foods
  • Chinese medicine, it’s role in increasing fertility, and how it works with western medicine
  • how you lifestyle may be inhibiting pregnancy
  • external links to infertility that you can avoid
  • myths of popular “fertility diets”
  • what a dentist discovered about diet and fertility
  • the best prenatal you can take
  • conventional and holistic methods of dealing with common medical issues that can cause infertility
  • how to understand medical interventions and treatments for infertility
  • and more

Why You Need Feed Your Fertility

I don’t personally know what it’s like to struggle with fertility, but I have family members who have and do. I know of their longing, of their crying out and begging for a child of their own, of their feelings of missing out on something special, and of their endless searching for possible causes and treatments.

As a general rule of thumb, a couple is considered to have fertility issues when they are:

  • Under 35 and have been trying to conceive for more than a year unsuccessfully
  • Over 35 and have been trying to conceive for more than 6 months unsuccessfully
  • Over 40 and have been trying to conceive for longer than 3 months unsuccessfully

Did you know that sperm issues comprise at least 30% of fertility problems? It’s true! This book talks about how to get your man on board easily.

Did you know that the right foods can help bring balance and health to your body by eating for true nourishment and optimal fertility. “We will not be giving you mainstream advice to eat more veggies and whole grains – though we will be teaching you how to eat real, nutrient-dense food that you’ll actually enjoy eating.” – Feed Your Fertility

Did you know that aside from poor diet, stress is the biggest contributor to modern health problems. It’s true, but increasing your chances of having a baby isn’t just about reducing your stress, it’s about dealing with it correctly. This book explains how to do just that.

Feed Your Fertility Will Help You Learn How To Guide Your Body Into The Perfect Environment For Conception

Did you know that you can:

  • eat lots of delicious, sustaining foods instead of going on a diet and boost your fertility at the same time
  • combine holistic and conventional medicine to increase your chances of becoming pregnant
  • make a few small changes to your daily routine that will help you deal with common stresses effectively
  • stay sane even during the midst of infertility by finding a great emotional support system
  • heal organs and body systems that could be contributing to infertility with specific foods

There’s so much information packed into this book, it’s hard to even scratch the surface of what you’ll learn here. What I do know is that this book thoroughly covers how to get your body healthy and balanced so conception is in your favor!

Who Is Emily Bartlett and Laura Erlich?

Emily Bartlett is a licensed acupuncturist that lives in southern California. She has a Master’s degree in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine and has dedicated her practice and studies to integrative fertility medicine. She’s also the editor/owner of Holistic Squid where she blogs about fertility, natural health and nutrition.

Laura Erlich is a licensed acupuncturist as well as an herbalist and birth doula. She has a Master’s degree in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine and works at LA Herbs and Acupuncture as an herbalist there. She blogs about fertility, pregnancy, and parenting at A Bao In The Oven.

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