Nature Walks & Fern Studies

Nature Walks & Fern Studies | Growing Up Herbal | Nature walks are a part of our regular homeschool schedule, and this month, we’re studying ferns and mushrooms.

On today’s nature walk, we explored the forest floor. We found dirt, rocks, pine needles, various leaves, ferns, nuts, sticks, some mushrooms, and more.

Since we’re studying ferns during Nature Study this month, we took some time to draw a fern in our nature journals while we were out. As soon as we got home, we looked up the names of the various parts of a fern and labeled our drawings. As soon as we wrap up our fern study, we’ll be venturing into mushrooms—a topic I’d love to learn more about beyond their nutritional and medicinal qualities.

I love our little after lunch nature walks. They’re not always this productive, and some days, they simply don’t happen. However, they have been a valuable addition to our school days.

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