15 Under $50: 2021 Natural Lifestyle Holiday Gift Guide

Natural Lifestyle Holiday Gift Guide: Holiday gift wrapping

It’s that time of the year — the time to show friends and family just how much they mean to us by giving meaningful gifts that show we care. Unfortunately, though, coming up with the perfect holiday gift idea can tricky!

Am I right?

Enter holiday gift guides — the perfect thing to help you narrow your focus and find some of the best gift ideas for everyone on your list (or to share with those buying you gifts!).

This year, I have created a natural lifestyle holiday gift guide featuring 15 natural lifestyle products, all under $50! From My Period Pal menstrual relief bands, to natural skin and cleaning products, to herbal resources and more — I can personally vouch for each of these brands and their products, and you will find all of them in my home throughout the year!

Each of these natural lifestyle products are priced at a price-point that won’t break the bank (under $50), and almost all of these brands are having some great Black Friday – Cyber Monday sales as well. If you’re looking to save some cash while shopping for the perfect holiday gifts, this is THE way to go. Not only that but you can even used my personal discount codes stacked on top of some of the sales going on right now to save even more money!

All of the products in this natural lifestyle holiday gift guide make great gifts for the folks on your list who are into (or want to be into) natural living, so let’s take a look at what all is included this year!

15 Under $50: 2021 Natural Lifestyle Holiday Gift Guide

Natural Lifestyle Holiday Gift Guide: My Period Pal menstrual relief bands

1. My Period Pal Menstrual Relief Bands

The first thing included in my 2021 natural lifestyle holiday gift guide are the menstrual relief bands from My Period Pal ($36 value). These bands are worn on the feet and use reflexology for fast, drug-free pain relief. They are easy to use and comfortable to wear, and they make a perfect gift for daughters, nieces, sisters, and girlfriends who want to ease monthly menstrual pain. I know I don’t go a month without using mine! These bands come in several color options, and the packaging is super cute — perfect for gifts! My Period Pal is offering Growing Up Herbal followers 10% off and free shipping on all orders for the holidays when you use coupon code GUH10 at checkout — valid through January 1, 2022.

2. Kombucha Kamp Ferment Cultures

Next up on the 2021 natural lifestyle holiday gift guide are ferment cultures from Kombucha Kamp. Gut health is a top-priority where natural wellness is concerned, and the organic kombucha, JUN kombucha, and milk or water kefir cultures would make a great gift for naturally-minded friends and family. Kombucha Kamp has several Black Friday – Cyber Monday sales going on this weekend, so definitely take advantage of those. You can even use discount code GUH10 at checkout for 10% off your purchase as well.

3. Plant Therapy Essential Oil Sets

Another favorite natural lifestyle product on this year’s holiday gift guide is essential oil sets from Plant Therapy. You can find single oil sets or synergy blend sets. There are sets featuring holiday scents or even sets of rare essential oils. There’s so much to choose from! Plant Therapy is offering a week of deals and deep discounts on Black Friday – Cyber Monday weekend as well, so definitely check it out to see if there’s something for someone on your list.

4. Perfect Supplements Wellness Products

Perfect Supplements is one of my go-to shops when it comes to wellness products such as collagen, gelatin, greens, bone broth powders, mushroom and superfood powders, and more. I LOVE Perfect Supplements and so will the natural living fans on your list! Perfect Supplement products can be bundled at a discount and you’ll get an extra 10% off when you shop through this link and use code GROWINGUP10 at checkout.

5. Mighty Fix Subscription

One of my top natural lifestyle holiday gift guide picks this year has to be the Mighty Fix subscription from Mighty Nest. This is a monthly subscription service you can gift for as little as $11 a month. Each month you will receive some sort of natural, eco-friendly, sustainable product delivered right to your door. Choose from randomly-chosen items or pick what you want each month. It’s totally up to you, but this has to be one of my favorite subscription box services so far! Use code MIGHTYNOW and get your first fix for only $3!

Natural Lifestyle Holiday Gift Guide: Branch Basics Starter Kit

6. Branch Basics Cleaning Concentrate

Another must-have item on my natural lifestyle holiday gift guide is the Branch Basics cleaning concentrate. Branch Basics offers a non-toxic household cleaner that I use to clean my entire house (laundry included!). If you have busy folks on your list that want to make natural cleaning a bit easier and save money at the same time, Branch Basics cleaning concentrate is a perfect gift for them. Get 20% off starter kits (excludes Trial Kits and Glass Bottle Kits) Black Friday – Cyber Monday weekend!

7. Boka Toothpaste Starter Set

One of the easiest natural lifestyle swaps is trading generic store-bought toothpastes for cleaner versions. Thankfully, Boka has us all covered. Their starter kits make great gifts and include a tube of toothpaste in the flavor of your choosing along with a toothbrush, floss, and a tongue cleaner. Check out their site throughout the holiday season for sale and discount updates!

8. Beauty By Earth Skincare

Another one of my favorite skincare brands making its way on my natural lifestyle holiday gift guide is Beauty By Earth skincare. Here you’ll find natural skincare gifts for him, her, kids, and teens, and all of it is certified “clean” by the Environmental Working Group. If you have kids approaching the teenage years, friends nearing the middle age mark, or someone who simply wants to care for their skin as naturally as possible, Beauty By Earth has you covered. Shop Black Friday – Cyber Monday sales all weekend long!

9. High Garden Tea Kits

If you’ve been following me for long, you’ll know I’m a big fan of tea and a proud supporter of Tennessee companies which is where High Garden comes into play. High Garden is located in Nashville, TN and offers a wide variety of herbs, herbal tea blends, and tea accessories. They have put together some herbal tea kits featuring some of their favorite and most popular herbal tea blends which would make a perfect gift for tea lovers and dabbling herbalists on your holiday gift list.

10. Raise Them Well Children’s Supplements

Hands up if you have new parents on your gift list this year! Probably so, which is why I couldn’t skip out on including Raise Them Well in this year’s natural lifestyle holiday gift guide. Raise Them Well is a family-owned children’s supplement brand run by a wellness coach and a holistic pediatrician husband and wife team, and they offer some of my favorite natural children’s supplements on the market today! From vitamins, mineral supplements, cleaning supplies, and skincare products, they have a large selection of budget-friendly products to choose from. Use discount code MEG15 to get 15% off and free shipping (US customers only, discount not valid on bundles, subscriptions, or gift boxes).

11. Amazon Eco-Friendly Kitchen Brush Set

One of the easiest ways to live more naturally is to replace synthetic, non-sustainable products in your home with more eco-friendly versions. This eco-friendly kitchen brush set from Amazon is one gift idea that can help you do just that! This kit is made of bamboo and comes with eight items including 5 bottle and scrub brushes, 2 dish clothes, and a sponge.

12. True Leaf Market Herb Seed Starter Kit

Another great product on this year’s natural lifestyle holiday gift guide is this Premier Herb Garden starter kit from True Leaf Market. This kit is perfect for the person on your list who wants to grow their own medicinal herb garden, and it comes with everything needed to start seeds and grow healthy seedlings ready to be transplanted into the garden next spring. You can get 15% off these kits when you use coupon code WHILEITLASTS15 during Black Friday – Cyber Monday weekend as well!

13. Holistic & Hopeful Natural Skincare

If handcrafted herbal skincare is your thing then my friend Lindsi of Holistic and Hopeful has you covered. She has a whole line of slow-infused herbal products that make the best holiday gifts for both guys and girls as well as some beautifully designed holiday gift boxes. Definitely check these out because they won’t last long! Also, don’t forget to use discount code THANKS to get 40% off during the Black Friday – Cyber Monday weekend!

14. Real Plans Meal Planning Subscription

Another must have on this year’s natural lifestyle holiday gift guide is the monthly meal planning subscription service from Real Plans. Meal planning can be a struggle for many people, especially when you’re trying to make the switch to healthier, real food meals! Thankfully, services like Real Plans makes it simple and doable, and gifting subscriptions to the wanna-be foodies on your holiday gift list is now easier than ever!

15. Herbal Academy Herbal Courses & Goods

And lastly, no natural lifestyle holiday gift guide would be complete without mentioning the amazing herbal courses and Goods Shop gifts over at the Herbal Academy. From herbalist path packages to short courses to herbal supplies and merchandise, Herbal Academy has something for anyone on your list who’s interested in utilizing plants to help them meet their natural living goals. Get 10% off Goods Shop items with code THANKS10 during Black Friday – Cyber Monday weekend, and get up to 40% off courses in the Holiday Course Sale December 1st through January 2nd (no discount code needed).

Happy Holiday Shopping, Friends!

So there you have it — a natural lifestyle holiday gift guide featuring 15 natural living products all under $50!

Here’s to finding the perfect gift for the friends and family in your life, embracing the joy of giving this season, and saving money all at the same time.

Happy holidays, friends!

Love and light,

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