Making Time For Rest In Life

Making Time For Rest In Life | Growing Up Herbal | I’ve been thinking a lot about rest and how to incorporate more of it into my life in my morning devotions lately. Here’s what I’m learning.

I’ve been reading about making time for rest in our lives during my morning devotions, and while this topic isn’t completely new to me, it has revealed some areas of my life that could be infused with more rest now and again.

First, I understand the importance of being productive, but I also understand that productivity doesn’t happen if you are burnt out. We all need space to breathe and enjoy life. For the last couple of years, I’ve purposefully set boundaries around things I have to do each day (school, work, and housework) so I can have time in my life for things I enjoy, such as reading, dates with my man or one of the kids, an evening of shopping by myself, a pedicure and dinner with a friend, etc. ??

Secondly, I know that creating space for rest is a good thing, and that having a time to rest is something God desires for us. Most times it takes an effort on our part to say no to something so we can make that kind of space in our life. I don’t know about you, but anytime I have free time, it seems I immediately look for ways to fill it with busyness. ?‍♀️

While I’m personally moving into a busy season of life with our upcoming move and remodeling our new home, I’m committed to prioritizing small bits of space into my life. ?

Each day in my morning devotions and my evening journaling time.

  • Each week in a day of worship and family time.
  • Each month in a night out to do something enjoyable with my husband, a friend, one of my kids, or maybe just by myself.
  • And each year in our yearly family vacation.

So what about you? What do you think about this idea of making space for rest? How do you (or could you) bring moments of rest into your life? I know I’m not the only #workfromhomemom#homeschoolmom out there, and I’d love to know what this looks like in other’s lives.

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