Learn How You Can Treat Your Child's Fevers Naturally

Come on moms. We all know kids get fevers. It’s inevitable. It will happen. You can’t keep your kid away from all the viruses and bacteria in the world unless you live in a bubble, and honestly, who’d want to do that. Not only is it limiting, but trying your darnedest to keep your kids free from germs is harmful to their health anyway. It’s very limiting to their immune system causing it to be weak as it never has the chance to build itself up when faced with viruses or bacteria here and there.

Of course kids are gonna come down with crud from time to time and fevers will come and go. How you treat or deal with those fevers is what I wanna talk about today.

New Moms & Fevers

As a new mom and RN, I remember being stocked up on infants Tylenol and Motrin so that when my baby got his first fever — WHAM!!! — I’d give him some of that dye-free goodness and that mess would be over with. No more fever for 3-4 hours, happier baby, and good mama. We were all set.

Taking The Easy Way Out

It wasn’t until later on as I grew in my knowledge of natural health that I learned what I was potentially doing to my kid’s body. I realized then that opting for meds wasn’t the best first option, at least for my child. It seemed that giving him meds to bring down his fever was the easy way out, mostly for me. I mean, I was busy. I didn’t have time to care for my sick child. Life must go on.

WHAT? That’s crazy. That’s not how it’s supposed to be. Mom’s are supposed to be there to care for their sick children, to bring them that deliciously healthy bone broth and wipe their head with a cool cloth, to cuddle with them, and sing them to sleep — not take the easy way out by dosing them with meds to bring their fever down so they’d be happy, feel better, and go play.

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying everyone does that. I’m not even saying that was my mindset each time I gave my kid medicine for his fever. I did it because that’s what you were “supposed” to do, and because, at the time, I didn’t know to do things differently.

Struggle Breeds Strength

Since then I’ve come to realize that the whole principle behind not helping a baby chicken break out of it’s egg shell because it will handicap it is very much true in this situation too. Nothing in life grows stronger in an easy environment. It doesn’t have to.

I didn’t learn how to care for my child’s needs. The meds covered those needs up.

I didn’t learn how to be flexible, slow down, and take time for what was important. The meds removed the need for that.

My child didn’t learn how to stay still and let his body rest and heal. The meds made him feel better so he wanted to play instead of rest.

The Best Thing For The Body

I’m a firm believer in the fact that God knew what He was doing when He created us. Now you may not share my belief in all that, but it’s a definite fact that when the body is exposed to viruses and bacteria among other things, it will respond with a fever. That’s how it works to defend and heal itself.


We, as parents, need to learn about the body. We need to stop trying to “fix” every little thing that comes along. We need to give our kids bodies a chance to do what they were designed to do… to let them work on their own to correct the problem.

Sure we can do thing to nourish the body and help give it strength to fight the battle going on inside of it, but we definitely shouldn’t be suppressing it.

The Blessing of Medication

I know I sound like I’m dogging medicine, but I’m not. What I’m harping about is how the majority of parents choose it as their first choice. It really has nothing to do with the meds… it’s all about our mindset.

In fact, I love medicine! I’m so beyond grateful to live in the time that we live in. I’m so very thankful that if my child’s body is overwhelmed by something and natural methods aren’t cutting it, that I have another option — a helpful option. I’m so grateful. I just don’t feel that these strong “helpers” should be our first choice. Do you mama? Really? Deep down? Do you?

How To Treat Fevers Naturally

After all the learning, studying, and researching my dorky self has done on the topic of fevers I decided I had to share what I’d learned with other moms. It was only right, and it’s what I’d want done for me.

How is anyone supposed to know any differently unless they’re exposed to other options. Do we just blindly follow the experts? We’ve all seen and heard stories of where that’s gotten us. I think we should be able to learn and understand this stuff for ourselves.

That’s why I’ve written this easy-to-read, 76 page digital guide on how to treat children’s fevers naturally.

The guide is broken into two sections… the first teaches you about the body and fevers, and the second is all about your first choice options in dealing with them naturally.

It addresses common myths and fever concerns, it includes a Natural Remedy Recipe Book at the end that gives you step by step instructions on how to make natural fever remedies, and it also teaches you about the herbs used and gives you information on where you can buy what you need in your not into DIY.

  1. sarah birchmoon says:

    The book sounds really great Meagan, fevers are particularly nerve racking for me. I know that it is the bodies way of burning the virus, but the unknown always gets me anxious! This mama always appreciates the extra help and info! best wishes, Sarah

    • Meagan says:

      Thanks so much Sarah, and I totally hear you. That’s why I decided to research this topic thoroughly from a medical viewpoint as well as a natural viewpoint. My hope is that this brings confidence to all of us parents out there… I know it has my husband and I.

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