KidKit Reveiw: Keep Your Kids Busy And Having Fun Wherever You Are

The Original Kidkit

A couple months ago I contacted Jemma Rane about reviewing one of her Original KidKits here on Growing Up Herbal, and she so kindly obliged!

When I first came across this product, it grabbed my attention right away. It was appealing to kids, designed to travel well, organized, and full of amazing kid-friendly activities to keep my busy kids entertained. I loved the idea of it because of it’s flexibility – knowing that my kids would be able to use if for a long time to come. I just had to try it.

About The KidKit

The Original KidKit comes with several fun things for kids.

The first is what they call the “Smart Sleeve” which is made from recyclable, phthalate-free vinyl so they’re easy on the environment and is bound in a colorful binding. The Smart Sleeve is the cover for the Kid Kit Insert Booklet. It allows you to write and erase on it with a dry erase marker (included in the kit) so your kids can enjoy the activities in the insert booklets over and over again. There’s also an elastic loop on the smart sleeve to hold the dry erase marker that comes with it.

It also comes with one “Insert Booklet” of your choice. These are the little booklets that can be inserted into the smart sleeve. There are 5 different booklets for children ages 3-6 and 2 for children ages 7-9.

KidKit: Smart Sleeve and Insert Booklets

You’ll also get the “Double Duty Art Mat“. One side of the mat is for the dry erase marker and the other side is a chalk board. The art mat also has an elastic loop on each side to hold pieces of chalk. One piece of chalk is included. The website states that the art mat is the only eco-friendly (recyclable vinyl) and CPSIA compliant (no phthalates) double-sided doodle mat on the market!

KidKit: Double Duty Art Mat

The kit includes another small booklet called the “Adventure Log” which is a fun way for kids to keep track of their adventures or trips. This travel journal contains 21 illustrated pages with prompts to encourage kids to record observations and draw pictures of their journey. A pocket for collecting small souvenirs is also included.

You’ll get 4 “Make-A-Scene Sticker Sheets” where kids can use their imaginations to create scenes with the stickers. They can copy what’s already there or they can let their own creativity take over and create their own scenes if they wish.

KidKit: Make-A-Scene Sticker Sheets


Chalk Up Charlie” is also included which is a chalkboard owl that you can decorate. He comes with a stick handle that turns him into a puppet, and your kids can also practice weaving a long strand of yarn in and out of the pre-punched holes that surround him.

KidKit: Chalk Up Charlie

It also comes with a pack of these colorful, flexible twisty like things. The website doesn’t say what they’re called, and I don’t have my kit beside me to check. No matter… they are awesome! Kids can bend and twist them in all different direction. They can make shapes or pictures with them, and the best part is that they all come back apart and can be straightened out and reused later. Love them!

Our Experience

My kids love this kit, and I’m definitely ordering more of the insert booklets… and maybe another smart sleeve too.

We keep this kit in the car so that when we have  a long trip somewhere or we’re going somewhere where they’re going to need to sit quietly for a while, I can grab this out of the trunk so that my kids are busy, entertained, and calm.

The great thing about this kit is that they can play together with this for hours. We have one kit between my 2 older boys, but there’s plenty of things for each of them to do at the same time.

Check it out!

Playing with the twisty sticks!

Judah playing with the Smart Sleeve and Insert Booklet

Playing at home with the Make-A-Scene Sticker Sheets

Isaiah decorating Chalk Up Charlie

Want one of these great kits for your kids? Get it right here on TheOriginalKidKit.com!

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