Homeschooling Through The Flu

Homeschooling Through The Flu | Growing Up Herbal | Here are some things to do to help your family recover while homeschooling through the flu.

Like most illnesses go, when one child comes down with it, the others are sure to follow. Same goes with the flu… especially when there’s a group of kids involved.

Sure, you know how to keep from spreading the flu. You do your best to isolate the sick child from the rest of the family, you encourage coughing, sneezing, and blowing noses in tissues, everyone washes their hands frequently, and you spend extra time cleaning commonly touched and shared surfaces, but what happens once it’s already arrived in your home and everyone’s down and out with it? Life must go on, right?

Well no worries because today I’m here to share the best thing you can do to help your family recover from the nasty flu bug as quickly as possible.

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