8 Herbal Podcasts Herbalists Will Want To Listen To

8 Herbal Podcasts Herbalists Will Want To Listen To | Growing Up Herbal | Looking for herbal podcasts to listen too? Here are 8 that can benefit your herbal education!

Whether you’re in the car, folding laundry, or hiking in the woods, podcasts are a great way to learn from other experts on a variety of subjects, and herbalism is no exception. Herbal podcasts are an easily accessible source of information on individual herbs, interviews with herbalists of a specific topic, or learning about a subject of interest to an herbalist.

I’m over at the Herbal Academy blog, where I’m sharing 8 herbal podcasts that I think many herbalists will want to listen to. These podcasts can help you learn even more about making the most of the plants you love, and it can help you get through those monotonous daily tasks, too!

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    I’m into natural living already but I’m ready to become a Christian herbalist. I would like to follow you and see how you started. Please let me know!

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