Have You Taken Your Herbal Flu Shot Yet? (Guest Post)

Aches, pains, fever, headache, weakness, cough, runny nose… none of it sounds good, and it definitely doesn’t feel good, yet these are your typical flu symptoms.

We’re still in the first half of flu season here in the US, and unfortunately we’re no where close to it’s end.

The CDC states that the flu season lasts from October to May, but it’s peak season is January and February each year. Thankfully, we’re not at peak season yet, and we have time to get prepared. You can take a look at this map to see which states are showing different levels of reported flu cases to see what it’s like in your area.

Now I don’t know about you, but with a husband that has his own business to run and has to be there to support his family, three small children and one more on the way, and myself having a household to run among my many other responsibilities… I definitely don’t want the flu to come visiting my house this year.

So today I want to talk about how we more naturally minded folks, that choose to skip the “flu vaccine,” are planning on preparing for the flu this year? This not only includes some basic information, but I’m even going to share a potent herbal remedy that I’ve started making each year when flu season is about to hit hard in our area to help us get our herbal flu shots ready to go.

CLICK HERE to read more and get your herbal flu shot remedy!

  1. sarah birchmoon says:

    Hi! this is a great recipe! I will definitely try to carve out some time to get this put together! I like the link to the herbal blog too, I will have to order the herbs. (one drawback of living so rural, not a lot of a fantastic shopping nearby). thanks, Sarah

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